From the Beyond Bylines Team: Our 2018 Blogging Resolutions

Blogger Resolutions

Every January, we start the new year focused on what we’d like to change or do better with our writing and blogging.

It’s our way of checking in to make sure we’re where we want to be personally, professionally, and frankly, with our blog.

Here’s where our heads are as we gear up for another year on Beyond Bylines.

Brett Savage-Simon, director, audience relations

I learned this year that my posts don’t have to be perfectly thought out from beginning to end.  All writing starts with an idea or a thought, and I found that the process itself sometimes can turn into a relatable post, as was the case with Convert Your Broadcast Voice to Print:  5 Tips from a former TV Reporter.

In 2018, I hope to follow my own advice above and blog at least once a month.


Joanna Giannell, senior customer content specialist

I recently joined the Beyond Bylines blogging team this past September. In the few posts that I’ve written, I’ve enjoyed expanding my knowledge and writing experience while becoming more involved with the Media Insider blog. Unfortunately, I tend to find myself scrambling at the last minute to get my blog finished by the end of the week.

My goals for 2018 not only include improving my writing skills, but also figuring out how to manage my time more appropriately so that I can devote the time needed to create unique and intriguing posts.


Anthony Vence, customer content specialist

I write a lot about photography and have a ton of experience as a photographer, but I need to get out and shoot more often. Getting out and photographing on a regular basis not only will help my craft as a photographer, but it also will help me come up with blog ideas based on my experiences.

The tips and tricks I learn while shooting can be used for future blog posts.


Anna Jasinski, senior manager, audience relations

In a post at the end of last year, we talked about creating habits – not resolutions.

For me, that’s a personal goal for 2018. I want to create habits that further home my writing and editing skills. I got a head start in December with the idea of writing in the moment I’m feeling inspired.

As a writer, ideas pop into your head for a story or how to frame that sentence you’ve been struggling with. Instead of taking notes for later, I jump into it as soon as I can – no matter the time of day. It’s helping me avoid the dreaded writer’s block because I’m capitalizing on the moments when the words just flow.

There’s also just the usual to-dos. Managing our contributors and finding new writers is always a fun adventure. I’m looking forward to bringing on more talent this coming year.


Kim Garrison, account specialist 

I made my first contribution to the blog this past year and enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge of photography. However, since I was new to Beyond Bylines, I was not very consistent or organized in my approach.

My resolution is to avoid falling behind, by planning a variety of topics and sticking with a schedule. I also aim to improve my writing and continue learning from our in-house experts.


Maria Perez, audience website operations director

With video content becoming a more and more important tool for capturing audiences, my goal this year is to explore more ways to incorporate video in my blog and social media posts.


Christine Cubesenior manager, audience relations 

My resolution is pretty simple: I’d like to get better with photography.

I’m actually terrible about conceptualizing the pieces (read: art) to round out my writing. Thankfully, I’ve got an uber-talented colleague, who adds visuals to everything I write.

This year, I’d like to help take my writing to the next level and put some thought into the images that fill out my posts and stories. I’d like to come to the table with ideas. You know, baby steps.


Stephanie Donovan, senior customer content specialist   

My blog resolution for next year centers around picking timely topics that will be of interest to our readers.

Some posts are easier than others to write! I enjoy the process, though, so here’s to more posts in 2018.


What do you want to see on the blog in 2018? Tell us in the comments.

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Christine Cube is a senior audience relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. Follow her at @cpcube.

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