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Comic Book Blogs

If you haven’t seen The End of the F***ing World, I recommend watching it now.

At face value, it’s another teenage love story — but with a slight twist. One of the teenagers is a self-proclaimed psychopath “trying” to go in for his first kill.

In reality, it’s a story about coping with your feelings after experiencing the traumas of life.

It’s well-written and beautifully filmed, and (the cherry on top, and number one reason I watched the show) Blur’s guitarist Graham Coxon does the entire soundtrack, which was released Friday.

It’s also the inspiration behind these blog profiles. That’s right, The End of the F***ing World was a comic adapted for film.

1. Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool seems to cover everything.

I used to work for a smaller comic publication (at the time, it had less than 1000 followers on Facebook), and Bleeding Cool would still post content about our publication.

The site started in 2009 and became well-known because of its ability to cover material largely unheard of or not yet released. They also have a relatively strong forum presence.

Unfortunately, forums have gone a little by the wayside and aren’t getting as many posts. But, Bleeding Cool still manages to uncover the secrets of the comic book industry.

Some posts I liked are: Riverdale Season 2: Upcoming Musical Episode to Adapt Stephen King’s Carrie and Writer’s Commentary: David Avallone Talks Bettie Page #7

Follow @bleedingcool on Twitter.

Bleeding Cool news on Instagram

Credit: @bleedingcoolnews on Instagram

2. Major Spoilers

If you like comics and podcasts, Major Spoilers may be the site for you.

The site was created in 2006 by Stephen Schleicher, former host of the Coolness Roundup podcast. He currently hosts several comic and geekdom-related podcasts on the website, including the self-titled Major Spoilers podcast, which explores the interesting aspects of comic books and other pop culture.

Major Spoilers shares comic news and sneak peeks daily. I was pretty excited about its Thursday sneak peek. A bunch of Archie Comics releases were announced that day — including Jughead the Hunger. Archie Horror has been a literal godsend for me.

Things I’m excited for: [Solicitations] Titan Comics brings color to Tank Girl and [Solicitations] Marc Andreyko and Kewber Baal bring new Jeepers Creepers series to Dynamite

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3. The Beat

The Beat is a news blog by Comics Culture. It’s a lot like Bleeding Cool and Major Spoilers, with a kind of cool twist.

It’s a site by wu shu master The Beat, created in order to relay messages to her comrades so they can continue the fight for liberty against the sinister Doktor Kaos.

The real story is that former DC Comics editor Heidi MacDonald created the site back in 2004. She wanted to keep people updated on the most relevant and interesting news in the comic industry, as it was happening.

Posts I loved: I KILL GIANTS Trailer Released and INTERVIEW: Saladin Ahmed on the Genesis of his ’70s Noir, ABBOTT

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Comics Culture The Beat blog on Instagram

Credit: @comicsbeat on Instagram

4. Comic Book Girl 19

I’m in love with Danika, aka Comic Book Girl 19.

After my romp in comics, I kind of fell off of the bandwagon regarding my comic news diet. I stuck mostly to getting updates on the things I love (Tank Girl, Saga, Archie Comics, Paper Girls. You get the picture).

But I follow Danika on every medium I can.

Her “blogging” is a little different because she’s a YouTube Content Creator, so all of her information is relayed across video. She covers a wide range of topics, and can generally appeal to anyone.

Some videos I like are: Top 10 Monsters & the Fears they represent. ► Episode 112 and Comics: Snotgirl, Saga, Watchmen Club, and Weird Love

Follow @cbgirl19 on Twitter.

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