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Zero Waste Blogs

Zero waste is a hot topic these days.

Corporations are recognizing this, and it gives me hope for the future.

Pepsi announced this year’s Super Bowl would be the first one with a zero waste goal.

Join me in discovering some blogs about how to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

1. Paris To Go

Ariana is a zero waste vegan. She used to live in Paris, and writes about how to live all aspects of life without waste.

I enjoyed reading Zero Waste Men, Three Years of Water Only Hair Washing, and Environmental Justice.

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Paris to Go on Instagram

Credit: @paris_to_go on Instagram

2. Going Zero Waste

Kathryn began her personal health journey when she experienced pain and abnormal growths in her breast. After going through testing, she learned the tumors she had were benign, but it got her thinking about her diet, and the products she uses.

I recommend reading How to Freeze in Mason Jars, 5 Tips for Downsizing and Decluttering, and  Valentine Truffles.

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Going Zero Waste blog on Instagram

Credit: on Instagram

3. Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren lives a zero waste lifestyle in New York City.

She was an environmental studies major in college, and noticed a classmate using single-use plastic containers for their lunch. That got Lauren thinking about how to lessen her impact on the Earth.

Why I Started Package Free Shop, My Newest Business, An All-Natural Zero Waste Cold Remedy, and How To Pack A Zero Waste Lunch are all great sources of information.

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trash is for tossers blog on Instagram

Credit: @trashisfortossers on Instagram

4. Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson, native of France and is currently living in California, started her zero waste lifestyle in 2008.

Author of Zero Waste Home, she is a zero waste guru, Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, and offers her services as a speaker and consultant.

Check out: Zero Waste Travel – What to PackUnpackaged, Four Ways and TEDx Talk: Zero Waste is not recycling more, but less.

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Zero Waste Home on Instagram

Credit: @zerowastehome on Instagram

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