Want to boost your smartphone’s photography and videography capabilities? Try these accessories.

Phone photography tools

Journalists use their smartphones in a variety of ways while on assignment, including taking still photographs and videos. Bloggers, of course, do the same as they work to increase online presence.

The good news is, many of the same accessories made available for DSLR cameras also are available for your phone.

Here’s a look at five smartphone accessories that will help boost your mobile photography and videography.

1. Attachable Lenses

Lenses commonly used on DSLRs are also available for smartphones. Olloclip is one of the more popular manufacturers of iPhone lenses. Its core lens set comes with a fisheye, super-wide, and macro 15x lens.

2. Tripod

A tripod not only provides a “steady hand,” it also allows you to take long exposure photographs in low-light situations. Joby is one of the more highly rated tripod companies and offers several unique products.

3. Filmmaking Case

With similar functionality as a tripod, filmmaking cases help prevent unwanted shaking that occurs while recording video. A lot of cases include mounts for lighting and audio gear. iOgrapher makes filmmaking cases for the iPhone and iPad.

4. Light

An LED light can be mounted to your cell phone and used for both still photography and videography. Xuma sells a light that comes with a variety of mounting options, including the ability to plug the light into your cell phone’s headphone jack. The Neewer brand also carries similar tools.

5. Shutter Remote

A shutter remote allows you to control when your phone takes a picture with the convenience of controlling the shutter with a small remote. Photojojo sells a shutter remote that is compatible with Apple and Android devices and connects to the device via Bluetooth.

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Anthony Vence is a Customer Content Specialist at PR Newswire. He contributes to @PRNmedia and previously worked in the newspaper industry as a news and sports editor. He also works as a freelance photographer.

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