5 Common Sites and Apps to Give Your Photo Sessions a Boost

How to Get the Best Photos Using Everyday Apps

There are many different resources on the web for all your photography needs (find a few of our favorites here) that are dedicated to the equipment, education, and techniques.

In this post we want to highlight the apps and sites you use every day and how they too can benefit your photoshoots.

Google Earth

If you can’t go in person to scout a location before a shoot, Google Earth is the next best thing. It’s interactive and helps you get the exact placement and fully understand the surroundings.

You’ll also want to take advantage of the built-in compass to understand direction of natural light.

Image of Earth from space


Facebook is full of photography-focused groups to help you connect with other shutterbugs. Whether you’re looking for feedback, meet-ups, equipment, or even models, Facebook is a great place to start.

An open laptop with Facebook login page on the screen

Weather Apps

This is probably a no-brainer, but you always need to check the weather to see if you need to reschedule an outdoor shoot. You also can check things like humidity, air quality, cloud coverage, and air quality to be as prepared as possible.

If you’re looking for an app outside the standard one built into your smartphone, Fotocast is built specifically for photographers and videographers. Features include photograph suggestions (based on the current weather), sunrise/sunset predictions, and cloud height details.

We also have some tips for getting the best pictures outdoors, no matter what nature throws at you.

Hand holding a smartphone outdoors with a weather app on the screen


Whether it’s tutorials or gear reviews, there’s a wealth of photo-related information on YouTube to help you find just what you are looking for. My personal favorite is watching behind-the-scenes videos of photoshoots and hearing the photographer’s tips and thought process.

The Photography – Topic channel is a good place to start. With 510K subscribers, the channel covers a range of topics, including photoshoot tips for everything from portraits to landscape to wedding photography.

Smartphone on a desk with YouTube logo on the screen


Why not put on some tunes while you shoot? This can help you focus or even help your clients get in the right mindset.

Of course, pay close attention to the mood you are trying to create and pick the playlist that fits best. Spotify, for example, has a large selection of playlists created specifically for different moods.

Neon sign on a brick wall reading: You are what you listen to

Do you turn to another commonly-used app or site to help with your photo sessions? Let us know in the comments.

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Author Kim Garrison is a product manager at Cision. She also is a snowboarder, photographer, and Washington Capitals fan.

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