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My husband and I decided to finally update our kitchen cabinets.

We’ve done a lot of work to the house over the years, from taking the main bathroom down to the studs and starting with fresh drywall to ripping out carpet and putting in bamboo plank flooring (sooo nice). We also added a back patio with stone pavers.

But that kitchen. I think the kitchen probably last saw a remodel in the ’90s.

When we moved in, the kitchen had a hunter green counter top (which we ditched years ago for a gray one), and the cabinets were a medium cherry wood with faux antique brass finished handles and knobs.

We thought about every different way to fix our sad-looking kitchen — painting, refacing (both having someone else reface or DIY-ing), or having a contractor do the work. In the end, we opted for ordering new cabinets and putting them in ourselves.

So it’s been a crazy month at our house. The cabinets (shaker style natural maple with a satin finish) arrived in big boxes a month ago. To prep before their arrival, we repainted the ceiling. This led to repainting the kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway ceilings. We removed the cabinets and donated them to Habitat for Humanity ReStore (don’t dump, donate!).

Putting the new cabinets in was a process, but now it’s nearly all done. The kitchen now is a room I actually want to be in! It’s bright and modern, and I absolutely love it.

Read on for ideas and inspiration for your new kitchen (that you know you want … someday).

1. Emily A. Clark – Design Simplified

Emily Clark, who deems herself a habitual re-arranger, is a wife and mother of five. She writes about affordable design ideas for the home.

I enjoyed reading Our Green and White Kitchen Renovation, Our Kitchen Layout (Before & After), and Our Black Honed Granite Kitchen Countertops.

Follow @emilyaclark on Twitter.

emily clark design blogger

Credit: @emilyaclark on Instagram

2. The Kitchen Designer

Susan Serra, founder of Scandinavian Made, is a designer, speaker and brand consultant.

I recommend reading Flooring Trends 2018, Let There Be Light In The Kitchen!, and A Design Pro Renovates Her Own Kitchen.

Follow @SusanSerraCKD on Twitter.

susan serra instagram

Credit: @susanserrackd on Instagram

3. Brit Decor

Mike describes his signature style as uncomplicated, and has a passion for interior design in the UK and beyond.

Brit Decor: Home Decor Trends / Colour-rich Kitchens and Brit Decor: Kitchen Clever/ Love Your Lighting offer some great design tips.

Follow @mikeahern_ on Twitter.

mike ahern brit decor

Credit: mikeya77 on Instagram

4. Renovation Angel

Recovering addict and co-founder of Renovation Angel, Steve Feldman says he wanted to give back after his life was given back to him. Renovation Angel is a recycler of luxury pre-owned kitchens.

Check out: Why Renovate Your Kitchen?Architectural Digest Says, “Donate that Kitchen!”, and Hot Kitchen Design Trends.

Follow @RenovationAngel on Twitter.

renovation angel

Credit: @renovation_angel
on Instagram

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