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Millennial Workplace Blogs

When it comes to millennials in the workplace, they tend to get a bad rap.

Some call them lazy and entitled. Gallup’s report on The State of the American Workplace, however, found they place more emphasis on quality of life than their older counterparts.

“This generation cares deeply about its ability to integrate work and life, and to have a life — not just a job,” the report says. Many want to grow in their roles, but aren’t getting the support to do so.

As the last of this generation enters the workforce, here are a few blogs for and about our youngest coworkers.

1. Gen Y Girl

Gen Y Girl is a millennial career and lifestyle blog by new mom Kayla Buell.

She blogs about everything from careers and saving money to traveling and adulting. She also wrote a book on corporate survival in your twenties.

“I’m super passionate about helping young people kick butt in their twenties, because I think us millennials have a lot of potential,” Buell writes.

Her post How To Make A Career Change Like A Boss shares steps you can take to get you closer to your dream job. How To Audit Your Finances This Year also has good advice for getting your money on track in 2018.

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Gen Y Girl

Credit: @kcruz012 on Instagram

2. Thin Difference

Thin Difference aims to close generational gaps through shared experiences and problem solving. Its founder is author and executive Jon Mertz.

“Too many generational stereotypes exist, especially concerning (or about) Millennials. If gaps widen, a likely division may occur with Generation Z, too, ” says the blog. “The required shift: generations gathering to strengthen each other. History shows the value of sharing and helping each generation, and we must rise to this challenge.”

There’s a range of posts here.

Are Millennials Putting Too Much Pressure on Themselves? talks about how millennials can reject the pressure of the quarter life crisis. I also enjoyed reading Great to Good Leadership: Good Activates Better Leadership. The post talks about how greatness is overpowering goodness in leadership.

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3. Lindsey Pollak 

Lindsey Pollak is a leading voice on millennials and the multigenerational workplace. Her passion for mentoring young people goes back to her student days as a dorm RA at Yale University.

“Often called a ‘translator,’ Lindsey advises both young professionals looking to succeed in today’s work environment and the organizations that want to recruit, retain and market to them,” it says on the blog, which was named Top 100 Websites for Your Career by Forbes.

In Why Some Managers Struggle to Lead in the Multigenerational Workplace—And How to Improve, Pollak offers her three best tips for becoming a leader. Five Strategies to Leverage Your Most Powerful Professional Tool aims to reframe your thinking about the buzzwordy phrase “personal brand.”

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Lindsey Pollak

Credit: @lindseypollak on Instagram


Harlan L. Landes and Miranda Marquit created Adulting to help young people adapt to the world around them.

“Your two hosts are the anti-gurus; they’ll help you cut through the self-help BS to get to real ideas for adulting like a boss and moving life forward, it says on the site. “Adulting takes a look at human behavior from a scientific perspective and distills and organizes being a grownup into actionable advice, relevant for adults of all ages, struggling or not.”

This site is super fun.

Are Your Benefits on Fleek? encourages readers to explore the real value and flexibility of having great work benefits, like retirement plans and paid vacation time. How to Stop Being Late All the Time says your lateness is annoying and shares tips for how to stop it for good.

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