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streetphotoStreet photographers take everyday pictures of people doing everyday things.

There can be extraordinary beauty in the ordinary.

To me, it’s a form of natural beauty.

Some of the very best pictures are taken when the subject is unaware that a photo is being snapped.

Here are four street photography blogs we love.

1. Street Hunters

The members of Street Hunters are from around the world. They take photo walks and share their photos, tips, tricks, and ideas.

I enjoyed reading The 10 most Influential Active Street Photographers, Street Hunt No11 – A Street Photography video Tutorial shot in Iraklio, Crete, and 10 Tips for Success with Social Media: Street Hunters Interview Nicholas Goodden.

Follow @Street_Hunters on Twitter.

streethunters e1523995708520

Credit: @streethuntersnet on flickr

2. GMB Akash

GMB Akash is a Bangladeshi documentary photojournalist. He’s won more than 100 international awards for his work.

I recommend reading The Timeless Faces, ‘Love’ the essence of life, and An Inspired Eye: 10 tips for encouraging Street Photography.

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Credit: @gmbakash on Instagram

3. Linda Wisdom Photography

Linda is an award-winning, self-taught, London-born photographer.

Seen in…. Westbourne Green, London – Double Bass Man, My accidental extended trip to Portugal, and A Room With A View – Photo Series are all great posts.

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Credit: @lindawisdomphotography on Instagram

4. Yanidel Street Photography

Yanidel is a photographer who writes about street photography, techniques, and gear. He currently is based in Rosario, Argentina.

Check out: The top 12 destinations for street photographyGood-bye Tokyo and a few thoughts, and LATEST – NEW YORK.

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Credit: @yanidel_street on Instagram

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