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I was recently given a gift.

It’s a mountain bike.

My husband made the bike for me, with a mix of pieces and parts he ordered and put together, and it’s really, really nice.

We’re planning on hitting some trails soon, and I’m excited to try out my new wheels.

Here are four mountain biking blogs we love.

1. Pedal Adventures

Jen started the blog initially in 2010 as “Velo Mom.” Jen, her husband, and their boys ride together. They sold their home in 2016, and now travel in their trailer full time.

I enjoyed reading Adventure Town: Crested Butte, Adventure Town: Moab, and Adventure Town: What to Do in Santa Cruz.

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Credit: pedaladventures on Instagram

2. Bike198

Started by Robb Sutton in 2008, Bike198 is a site that provides mountain bike reviews and articles.

I recommend reading I Will Never Ride a Road Bike on the Road Again, A video that truly captures what it is like to trail ride, and 5 Pro MTB Skills You Can Learn Right Now.

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Caption: @bike198_official

3. Mountain Bikes Apart

Colin has biked most of Scotland’s trail centres and created his site to share his adventures and disasters. Mountain Bikes Apart is also a podcast.

5 Best New Mountain Bikes for 2018, How to make a MTB ride more enjoyable, and Mountain Biking in Switzerland – Verbier on two wheels are all great posts.

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Caption: @colinmcgray on Twitter

4. Pretty. Damned. Fast.

Founded by Anna Maria Wolf, PDF celebrates women’s cycling with style.

Check out: DevTheNextWTF Bike Explorers, and Crushing Platte River, Then & Now.

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Caption: @prettydamnedfast on Instagram

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