Celebrating Caribbean-American heritage: These 10 sites showcase the Caribbean’s best, from rum to its vast culture

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some of these, you can find them here. These Caribbean news sites produce out-of-this-world coverage. If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.caribbean american heritage

For 13 years, June has been celebrated as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

There are so many awesome sites that showcase this incredible and fascinating community. Here are just 10 that we dug up.

1. Caribbean Castaways (formerly RumShopRyan: Caribbean Travel Blog)

This travel blog takes you through the best tourist destinations and secluded spots through the eyes of a rum lover/aficionado, RumShopRyan, and his “first mate,” Castaway Crystal. The duo explores various Caribbean islands and shares the tropical activities and vibrant cultures throughout the region, often with a focus on the local rum. From the breathtaking photographs to the refreshingly conversational review blogs, this site is perfect for someone looking to visit the Caribbean and see what it has to offer.

Stories to read right now: Tranquilseas Resort, Roatan – A Must Experience; 52 Amazing Caribbean Rum Drinks and How To Make Them; and A Day With Stormy Pirates Charters – US Virgin Islands.


2. Repeating Islands

The Repeating Islands blog is “a site for information and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the arts.” It’s written and operated by two academic women exploring Caribbean literature and the cultural connections between the various Caribbean peoples.

These researchers share their analysis on the cultural and economic impacts of the region’s art and literature, from the perspective of two native Puerto Ricans.

Stories to read right now: Caribbean Literary Heritage: who matters and who cares?, Single-starred black and white flag: “It’s not mourning, is resistance”, and Bourdain helped make Cayman region’s ‘culinary capital’


3. Caribbean & Co.

Caribbean & Co. is a well-organized travel site and blog created by a digital marketing professional who noticed a strong lack of Caribbean travel websites that were run by people who were actually from the Caribbean. This site positions itself as the premier resource for tourists and investors seeking a guide to luxury Caribbean travel.

Here, you can find information about activities, destinations, and accommodations. There’s even content about careers and real estate for the traveler looking for a more permanent visit.

Stories to read right now: 10 Facts About The Caribbean Region, Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – A Modern Wonder, and 14 Historic Caribbean Hotels


4. Simply Caribbean

For the multicultural food junkie, we have the Simply Caribbean food blog. Deborah, a Caribbean native, created this site. She is currently living in the US, where she owns and operates a Caribbean catering service with her husband.

Here, you can find descriptions and recipe guides for traditional regional dishes, from Trinidadian cornmeal porridge to Caribbean jerk spiced chicken wings and the local holiday staple: Jamaican Easter Bun.

Stories to read right now: Easter Bun – A Jamaican Tradition, Sweet Plantains with Cinnamon Sugar, and Fish Cakes /Cod Fish-Fritters


5. CaribbeanPot

For another journey into Caribbean cuisine, we have the multitude of vibrant recipes on CaribbeanPot.

This site was created by a man from Trinidad and Tobago with a love for cooking and a desire to spread Caribbean foods and culture across the world. CaribbeanPot has a recipe for any occasion or dietary preference, including some gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Stories to read right now: A vintage “Trinbagonian” fish broth. The cure for hangovers?, Shado Beni hot sauce which will rock your socks off!, and You say guacamole, I say zaboca choka.


6. JetSetSarah

With the tagline “Where Travel & Shopping Meet,” Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon shares her passion for the diverse experiences you can find in the Caribbean.

Greaves-Gabbadon is an award-winning travel expert widely recognized for her unique take on travel journalism.

Her articles, which have been featured on Travel + Leisure and USA Today, among others, cover everything from resorts to fashion, cruises, and cuisine.

Stories to read right now: How Cruise Lines Are Helping The Caribbean – And You Can, Too, The Tropical Travelista’s Holiday Gift Guide, and 10 Things To Love About Staying In A Caribbean Villa


7. Robert Curley – TripSavvy

This freelance travel writer organizes a collection of his travel guides and experiences of the Caribbean islands while “learning about local culture and history, meeting the real people that give a place its vitality and character.”

These articles are great with helping trip-planners stay street-smart and make the most of their time in the region. Don’t forget to check out his sister site, Caribbeanbob.net, for an extended look into his Caribbean exploration.

Stories to read right now: Top Caribbean Duty-Free Shopping Destinations, Why You Should Consider Caribbean Travel Insurance, and How to Plan a Caribbean Vacation



8. Immaculate Bites

Make some room on that plate — we’ve got another brilliant Caribbean cuisine celebration.

The site’s creator, Imma, shares delicious Afro-Caribbean recipes to make you feel like you’re in the tropics.

The guides are easy to follow as Imma explains the reasoning behind the ingredients while sprinkling in her personal take on the food. Plus, the professional-quality pictures of each step of the meals make the site worth exploring end to end.

Stories to read right now: Rum Raisin Pineapple Ice Cream, Caribbean Quinoa and beans Bowl, and Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish


9. Uncommon Caribbean

For a peek into the hidden coves of the region, look no further than Uncommon Caribbean.

This resource is run by two brothers who are “changing the way people think about travels to the Caribbean by putting authentic aspects of island life and the region’s unique cultural heritage in the spotlight ahead of the glitzy, one-size fits all tourist trap image popularized over the years.”

The writers pride themselves on helping people discover the strange or overlooked attractions in the Caribbean. They offer a fresh perspective into the quirks of the islands, while stunning photography for each story immerses readers in the tropical adventures.

Stories to read right now: That Time I Went To A Vodou Ceremony in Haiti, Explore St. Croix’s Diversity, Nature, and History on Horseback with Cowboy Steve, and Uncommon Attraction: Mud Volcanoes of Trinidad


10. Caribbean Travel Blog (*Note: This blog is no longer live*)

The aptly-named Caribbean Travel Blog is a collection of experiences and recommendations from an Australian couple of travelers.

These well-organized articles offer a personal perspective of adventurers who have both visited and lived on the islands. The duo also includes some stunning photography of the culture and lifestyle throughout every post to give readers a vivid depiction of the Caribbean.

Stories to read right now: Finding the Caribbean Island for You, 8 Warm Winter Escapes in the Caribbean, and Not Just Beautiful Beaches: Top Caribbean Nature Reserves


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