News in a Snap: 11 News Agencies to Follow on Snapchat


Let's Talk About Snapchat: News Sites to Follow

You might think Snapchat is just for kids and teens.

And while that mostly could be true, Snapchat has more than 180 million daily active users.

In 2015, Snapchat launched Discover to capitalize on this growing user base. Discover allows publishers to present content tailored to Snapchat’s audience. Users can stay up-to-date on breaking news, sports, entertainment, and more.

How do you add a person or channel to your Snapchat? For the uninitiated, you take a picture of the snapcode with your phone and then open your Snapchat. Click on your Snap profile, select “Add Friends,” and then select “Snapcode.” Select the image containing the snapcode and Snapchat pulls up the account. (For more on how it works, check out How Do I Scan Someone’s Snapcode?)

Over the last couple years, traditional news outlets have begun creating content for Snapchat’s audience.

Here are some journalists and news organizations to keep on your Snapchat radar.

1. NBC’s Stay Tuned

Savannah Sellers, Gadi Schwartz, and Lawrence Jackson are the hosts of NBC’s Stay Tuned. The short newscast – just two to three minutes – is Snapchat’s first daily news show. You can watch it twice a day during the week – morning and afternoon and once a day on the weekends. The newscast covers national and international news, politics, and more.

Read up: Lawrence Jackson joins NBC News’ Stay Tuned on Snapchat

NBC Stay Tuned on Snapchat

2. Mic

Jack Smith IV, Chantel Simpson, Aaron Morrison, and Evan Ross Katz are just some of the hosts of Mic’s Snapchat Publisher Story. The news show airs once a day during weekdays. The focus of its channel is interesting news and human interest stories, which aligns with its mission “reporting on the most important issues and diverse perspectives that challenge conventional thinking and give voice to the underrepresented.”

How it began: Mic to launch correspondent-led Publisher Stories on Snapchat

Mic on Snapchat

3. E! News’ The Rundown

Erin Lim hosts E! News’ The Rundown. Averaging 13 million viewers, The Rundown is available three times a week and offers top celebrity news. It is one of Snapchat’s first fully produced weekly shows.

Want to learn more about Lim? Here’s her bio.E! News' The Rundown on Snapchat

4. ESPN’s SportsCenter

Elle Duncan is one of the hosts of ESPN’s SportsCenter on Snapchat. Another twice-daily show, SportsCenter has a rotating group of hosts who, along with Duncan, include Cassidy Hubbarth, Jason Fitz, and Cy Amundson. The show offers a mix of sports news and highlights, and each episode is under five minutes.

When ESPN’s flagship show joined Snapchat: ESPN launches SportsCenter on Snapchat

ESPN SportsCenter on Snapchat

Don’t need a host? There are several options on Snapchat for you. Here are several news outlets that deliver interesting content without a host:

5. NowThis

NowThis is a breaking news channel. It’s updated in real time.NowThis on Snapchat

6. Wired

Wired, a platform that covers technology news, provides informative content in a fun format – infographics, videos, and even links to full articles.

Wired on Snapchat

7. The Telegraph

The Telegraph has a team of journalists who publish a daily edition covering news, politics, and opinion.

The Telegraph on Snapchat

8. The New York Times

The New York Times uses Snapchat to share its more visual stories. It usually ends in a crossword puzzle. A fun ending!The New York Times on Snapchat

9. Mashable

Mashable stories focus on technology, digital culture, and entertainment.Mashable on Snapchat

10. National Geographic

National Geographic focuses on science and exploration, wildlife, and culture. Its content includes features, quizzes, polls, and more.

National Geographic on Snapchat

11. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal creates five stories a week focusing on business, markets, and technology.

The Wall Street Journal on Snapchat

Do you follow media on Snapchat? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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