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Keto Blogs We Love -

My husband and I mostly have been living a Keto lifestyle for about a year.

I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long because carbs are our favorite food group. I particularly have a difficult time turning down pasta and bread.

With a change this big, it’s important to have a lot of motivation and inspiration with plenty of recipes in your pocket. And honestly, these recipes are delicious even if you aren’t attempting a Keto diet.

Good news: It’s a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle, so bacon and cheese are acceptable.

There are a ton of Keto blogs out there, but here are four of my favorites.

1. Peace, Love and Low Carb

I’ve pinned a lot of Keto-friendly recipes on Pinterest, and no small amount come from Kyndra Holley’s blog. Holley spent years in the restaurant industry and considers herself a foodie.

Holley believes that variety is important to staying on a diet and making it successful, so readers can find recipes for just about anything they’re craving. I especially appreciate the 30-minute recipes and ones with five ingredients or less.

I recommend checking out these posts: Keto Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies, The Complete Guide To Carbs In Alcohol, Pumpkin Spice Boosted Keto Coffee

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Six recent posts from @peaceloveandlowcarb on Instagram

Source: @peaceloveandlowcarb on Instagram

2. Wicked Stuffed

Amanda Hughes has been cooking Keto meals for more than 10 years, and she uses her experiences to provide a very thorough blog. Hughes claims that she’s “not a perfect Keto-er,” which really drew me to her posts, because same.

The recipes are straight-forward, and Hughes’s humor makes her posts approachable and fun. The blog also has some great tips and tricks for Keto beginners.

I enjoyed reading 16 Ways Keto for Women is Different + Doesn’t Need to Suck, Fluffy Scrambled Cinnamon Pancakes, and Easy Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Caesar Salad.

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Six recent posts from @wickedstuffed on Instagram

Source: @wickedstuffed on Instagram

3. KetoConnect

I was drawn to this blog because it’s managed by a young couple, Megha and Matt, who love animals and want to share their experiences with Keto. They are very relatable, and their posts don’t disappoint.

The blog has some great recipes as well as helpful tips to make the switch to Keto a smooth one. Their posts about how to stay Keto-friendly when eating out are some of my favorites.

I recommend reading How to Order Keto at Starbucks, Top Five Keto Fast Food Restaurants & What to Order, and Our Favorite Keto Bread Recipe After 3 Years on Keto!

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Six recent posts from @keto.connect on Instagram

Source: @keto.connect on Instagram

4. Castaway Kitchen

Castaway Kitchen is hosted by Cristina Maria Curp. Curp is a mother, military spouse, and author who shares her favorite recipes and lessons she’s learned throughout her personal health journey.

Readers can find recipes that work for nut-free, egg-free, paleo, or Whole30 lifestyles. Curp also includes recipes for the autoimmune protocol, which is designed reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases by eliminating foods that can irritate the digestive system.

Posts you should read: Staying On Track On The Road (Healthy Keto Travel Hacks), Pistachio Crusted Burger + Green Salad, Veggie Noodle Pad Thai

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Six recent posts from @thecastawaykitchen on Instagram

Source: @thecastawaykitchen on Instagram

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