Blog Profiles: Tattoo Blogs, Volume 2

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tattoo blogs

My life has been kind of tattoo-obsessed recently.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Spooky Empire, a horror and tattoo convention. While I couldn’t book a tattoo there, it reignited my tattoo urges, and I ended up getting two (less than a week after the convention).

I thought tattoo blogs might be the way to go this week while I carefully attend to and heal my arms.

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1. Tattoodo

This site is huge, but I felt it had to be included. Tattoodo is a site and app founded by artist Ari James with the goal of bringing together the vast tattoo community.

The app allows individuals to use location finding services to find the artist right for them.

I love this site because it’s a nice meld of showcasing the trade and inspiring those who want to get more tattoos. It even has a subsection called tattoo ideas, which goes into different styles of tattoos that some may not have considered.

Posts I liked: Deeper Than Skin Deep: The Photography of Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev, The Rainbow Connection: Creative Color Tattoos

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2. I Am Not A Tattoo Blog

This blog was founded by Ilaria Pauletti, creator of the Upside Down Zine. Like the previously mentioned blog, this tries to achieve more of a community blog setting.

One thing I love about this blog is it understands that all tattoos have individual meaning to the wearer, so they showcase all different types of individuals.

Posts I loved: Interview with Poppy: tattoo history blogger, Ellis Burgin: jewellery designer

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Source: @ilariapauletti on Instagram

3. Buzzworthy Tattoo History

As an art history buff, I’m a big fan of this blog.

Unlike the previously mentioned blogs, this blog solely features the history of blogging and has images of early artists in action. The blog is run by two historians, Carmen Forquer Nyssen and Rich Hardy, and follows the journey of several artists.

I particularly love this site because everything is well researched, and the photos are some of the coolest things I’ve seen.

My favorite posts: Battleship Kate: New York City’s Tattooed Sailor Groupie, Early Tinkerers of Electric Tattooing

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