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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week’s list features a few cat blogs that we’re loving right now. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Cat Blogs We Love -

I’m a cat person.

That doesn’t mean I’m the crazy cat lady — I don’t decorate my house in cats nor do I have any feline tchotchke anywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to even find a cat mug in my cupboards.

But I truly love cats. Their sassy energy and super affectionate nature just speaks to me. And, my cats love my kid. So, that’s a win.

Today, I’m focusing on some great cat blogs that showcase the beauty of these beasts.

1. The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post offers a “fresh, fun and feline-friendly cat blog and online magazine.”

The blog covers a range of topics, including cat behavior, cat facts, breeding information, lifestyle pieces, and inspiring stories. It’s just a cool site.

Posts that caught my eye: Turmeric for Cats, The Secret Language of Cats, and Kittydelphia – A Pop-Up Cat Fair.

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Six recent posts from @thepurringtonpost on Instagram

Credit: @thepurringtonpost on Instagram

2. Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101 has been “making cat lovers purr since 2011.”

It’s written and managed by author Layla Morgan Wilde.

“Cat Wisdom 101 is a content-driven, high authority website that is a trusted source of information and expertise,” the site says. “Since 2011, we have provided cat lovers with an A to Z of topics from holistic cat care from kittens to seniors, cat adoption, behavior solutions, feline-centric holidays and causes, heart-warming stories and celebrity interviews, adorable photography and meowvelous cat art, feline astrology, cat book and cat product reviews, and so much more!”

Notable posts include: Lest We Forget: WW1 Poppy Day Military Cats and Pet Emergency Preparedness & Memories of 9/11.

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Six recent posts from @catwisdom101 on Instagram

Credit: @catwisdom101 on Instagram

3. The Conscious Cat

The Conscious Cat with Ingrid King features “conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their humans.”

“The name The Conscious Cat came about because cats have been some of my greatest teachers along my own personal journey of consciously living each and every day,” King writes. “On this site, you will find expert advice and information about feline health, nutrition and  lifestyle.”

Posts to read now: A Quick and Easy Way to Determine Your Cat’s Body Condition Score, Mews and Nips: Freddie Mercury’s Cats Made Bohemian Rhapsody Even Better, and What to Expect When You’re Grieving the Loss of a Cat.

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4. Love Meow

Love Meow is filled with inspiring stories about cats and the people who rescue them. It features stories, videos, and cuteness.

In its own words: “ is cat lovers’ site dedicated to spreading the meowsage of love for our furry friends. We report the latest news and original stories on cats and cat rescue.”

I found several posts tugging at the heartstrings. But these were my favorite: Kittens Cling to Each Other for Comfort After They Were Rescued From House Fire, Kitten with Cleft Lip Hugs Everything He Sleeps On After He Finds Loving Home, and Man Heard Kitten’s Cries and Found Tiniest Kitty Left Behind at the Farm.

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