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Movie Blogs We Love -

With colder weather comes the strong desire to curl up on the couch and watch back-to-back movies.

But if I’m being honest, I’d gladly watch a movie any day – the weather just helps.

So with my love of movie-watching in mind, I decided to look at some of the most unique movie blogs out there.

These are a few that stood out.

1. Birth.Movies.Death.

Birth.Movies.Death. was made for movie lovers. And it’s just plain fun to explore.

“What does Birth.Movies.Death. mean? It means you are born, you die and in between you go to the movies,” the site says. “It’s a name that reflects the centrality of movies in our experience, in our lives.”

BMD reviews major and indie films as well as individual episodes of some of the most popular TV shows. Readers also can stay current on the latest movie news.

The content has a fun sense of humor that’s sure to keep you on the site for a long time.

I recommend reading Will Ferrell & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Are Remaking FORCE MAJEURE, Adam Sandler’s 100% FRESH Is Great, And That’s Kind Of A Bummer, and RIP: Stan Lee, Marvel Comics Mastermind, Ships Off To Valhalla At 95.

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2. Trailer Addict

My favorite part of going to the movie theater is watching the trailers before the actual film. I’m not alone in this.

Trailer Addict recognizes that sometimes a trailer is better than the movie. The site was created for “those who understand that the need to watch trailers is a state of mind.”

Visitors to the site can filter by cast, genre, or studio, and watch trailers for movies released as far back as 1950!

Many of the trailers also have a short critique from the Trailer Addict team, which I love.

I recommend watching/reading Glass Theatrical Trailer (2019), Vice Trailer (2018), and Welcome to Marwen Trailer (2018).

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3. Little White Lies

Little White Lies is a bimonthly print magazine that’s all about movies. It’s published in the UK.

The site includes movie reviews with a unique three-part ranking for each film: anticipation, enjoyment, and retrospect. The ranking aims to cover different aspects of the movie-going experience.

Many of the features, which include interviews and festival news and reviews, include unique original artwork.

The strange, surprising legacy of Jacob’s Ladder, Guillermo del Toro is making an animated Pinocchio feature for Netflix, and Bad Times at the El Royale (Review) were all great reads.

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4. Back to the Movies

The Back to the Movies blog, also UK-based, is run by Sean Evans, who has experience in the movie industry. It’s been named one of the Top 100 Movie Blogs for 2018 by Movie Hustle.

“Back to the Movies was created with the aim to talk about movies the way you would talk to your friends about them and nothing more,” the site says.

Readers can find reviews, news, and listicles on the blog. The fan-friendly posts regularly make for entertaining reads.

Posts that caught my eye: What to Watch While You Wait for Stranger Things Season 3, Kubrick’s Genius Use of Colour in The ShiningOutlaw King Review: Good, Solid, Familiar Piece of Storytelling

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