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Public speaking blogs

I’d like to test a potential new year’s resolution: Public speaking.

Historically, this has not been my strong suit.

But I’d like to get better, and by writing this down here — it holds me accountable.

In my research to become a better speaker, I found some great blogs that offer quality public speaking food for thought.

1. Speak for Success

Actor, author, and speech coach Gary Genard developed a system of public speaking training based on theater techniques. It’s called The Genard Method.

“Effective speakers use emotions as well as performance skills to express their ideas and beliefs,” the blog says. “To accomplish this, they use the same tools that make actors masterful communicators. These include vocal expressiveness, body language, an understanding of audience psychology and persuasion, and the ability to use nonverbal communication to convey one’s message.”

Speak for Success is filled with good advice and posts.

My favorites: 10 Signs You Have a ‘Hidden’ Fear of Public Speaking, Are You ‘Human’ Enough? — How to Make Any Audience Love You, and How to Practice a Speech for the Best Results.

Follow @GaryGenard on Twitter.

2. Institute of Public Speaking

The Speaking and Leadership blog of the Institute of Public Speaking has some great material.

The institute itself is a Boston-based international public speaking and leadership training organization. Joseph Guarino is the owner and manager.

“We live and breathe educating others on the skills of public speaking, leadership and communication,” its site says. “Our mission is to deliver the latest science based training to maximize your success as a speaker and a leader.”

Notable posts include Voice Tips for Speakers and Leaders Part 1, 5 Myths of the Emotional Intelligent Leader, and 5 Body Language Mistakes Public Speakers Make.

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3. SlideMagic’s Presentation Design blog

It makes sense that if you’re going to speak publicly that you’re equipped with a quality presentation for your audience.

SlideMagic is the brain child of Jan Schultink, who once served as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company. Schultink later founded his own boutique presentation design firm.

Schultink’s blog covers a lot of territory.

Some posts that caught my eye include Debating, Set Up Stress, and Keeping Your Numbers Consistent.

Follow @SlideMagicHQ on Twitter.

4. Public Words

Public Words is a boutique family-owned consulting firm that was started in 1997. It’s owned and managed by Nick Morgan.

The blog shares insights into the art and business of public speaking.

Lots of great stuff here. My picks: What Speakers Need to Focus on in 2019, What Speakers Will Need to Succeed in 2019, and How to Make Webinars Better.

Follow @publicwords on Twitter.

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