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Dog Agility Blogs We Love -

My son is a Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. He is hyperactive, independent, high-strung, and, generally, a crazy little boy.


He’s technically a emotional support dog, and he’s been through some form of dog training. But he only listens to mommy, and he only listens to mommy when he wants to listen to mommy.

Recently, I’ve wanted to get him into agility training because I know he would be good at it, and it might teach him the benefits of being a good boy. Because of that, I thought dog agility blogs might be interesting to look at.

1. OneMind Dogs

OneMind Dogs’ goal is to help owners and dogs connect through the art of agility. The site offers seminars and videos on how to properly agility train with your dog.

The blog focuses on a number of different topics, but because its mission is sharing “one mind” between the dog and human, it has a number of different blog posts about mental health.

My favorite posts were How Dogs Can Help You to Combat Depression and How Another Deaf Border Collie Taught Another Handler How to Listen.

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Dog Agility Blogs We Love: @oneminddogs on Instagram

Credit: @oneminddogs on Instagram

2. AgilityNerd

Steve Schwarz focuses on the strategy behind agility training or the design behind agility training.

Schwarz believes, similarly to OneMind Dogs, that agility training is a form of communication between owner and dog.

Most of his blog posts feature diagrams of agility course designs. He provides step-by-step guides, with images, on how to DIY different pieces to incorporate into agility training.

Some posts I liked: Jump Bar Cavaletti, Pull Across Jump and Push to Back Side – Video

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3. Bad Dog Agility

This blog is mainly run by husband and wife team, Esteban and Sarah Fernandezlopez. Like AgilityNerd, this couple actively competes in competitions with their Border Collies, and they focus more on the technical side of agility training.

Their blog features a podcast, which offers in-depth studies on different courses and techniques. They also give a quarterly run-down on the top-performing dog breeds in the agility field.

Some posts I found interesting were Good Advice from the Horse World?, and Episode 207: Interview with FCI Gold Medalist Martina Magnoli Klimešová.

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Dog Agility Blogs We Love: @baddogagility_ on Instagram

Credit: @baddogagility_ on Instagram

4. Susan Garrett’s Dog Training Blog

Susan Garrett is an animal behavior specialist, who got into dog training very early on. She is the pioneer of the Recallers program, which teaches dogs to be well-behaved through games (all through e-courses).

Her dog blog is a combination of reports from recent agility competitions and training tips, which really set a basis for training for the mischievous and misbehaved (like my sweet boy, Poe).

Some posts I enjoyed: Identifying and Using Positive Triggers For Your Dog, Understanding Your Dog’s Triggers

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Dog Agility Blogs We Love: @susangarrrettdogtraining on Instagram

Credit: @susangarrrettdogtraining on Instagram

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