These 9 Asian American News Sites Offer Unique Coverage of This Diverse Community

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some of these, you can find them here. Our latest list features Asian American news sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena.  If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

9 Asian-Interest News Sites -

In recent years Asian Pacific Americans have made important gains in visibility in U.S. society.

From and increasing presence in media and on television to the runaway success of the romcom “Crazy Rich Asians,” there have been many important victories. With each of these wins comes new voices and new stories to the tapestry of our society.

To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (#APAHM), here are nine sites telling unique stories by and about these vital communities. For a few of these sites, this is their first time on our best-of list; others also were recognized in our 2018 round-up.

1. AsAmNews

As its name suggests, AsAmNews offers a round-up of news featuring Asian Americans. According to the site, “Special emphasis is placed on featuring stories about Asian Americans breaking stereotypes and making contributions in both the mainstream and the Asian American community. The site is dedicated to documenting the Asian American experience to showcase its depth and diversity.”

In addition to coverage of the diverse ethnic groups making up the Asian Pacific umbrella, the site also has sections on achievements (“Bad Ass Asians”), students, and LGBT issues.

Stories to read right now: Gabbard and Harris battle for Indian American support, Historic NFL draft: Asian American is No. 1 pick

Top Asian American News Sites: AsAm News

2. Hyphen

Hyphen offers a mix of culture, news, politics, activism, and interviews with particular attention to fiction and poetry.

The combined print and online magazine strives to cover all aspects of the Asian American experience across the U.S. — from the traditional epicenters of the culture to smaller communities.

Stories to read right now: Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen on The Refugees, Deconstructing Cookbooks

Top Asian American News Sites: Hyphen

3. Angry Asian Man

Angry Asian Man has a provocative name to go along with content delving into stereotypes and representations of Asian Americans in media.

The “angry man” behind the site is Phil Yu. HuffPost said of him, “Yu has built up a reputable brand as the blogger Angry Asian Man. Today, he’s considered one of the most powerful voices on social media, sounding the alarm when it comes to injustices affecting the Asian community.”

Story to read right now: Asians On TV: Do Networks Make The Grade?

Top Asian American News Sites: Angry Asian Man

4. HuffPost Asian Voices

HuffPost’s Asian Voices section lends this prominent media outlet’s unique brand of politics, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle coverage to stories affecting Asian Pacific Americans.

The section seamlessly blends in related content from other voices sections such as Black Voices, Queer Voices, and Latino Voices.

Stories to read right now: Phil Yu Of ‘Angry Asian Man’: ‘Don’t Let Anyone Else Tell Your Story’, Asian American Civil Rights, Legal Groups Push Back On Census Citizenship Question

Top Asian American News Sites: HuffPost | Asian Voices

5. Mochi

Mochi is a lifestyle magazine for and by Asian American women covering entertainment, fashion, beauty, health, and politics. It’s “the oldest digital publication dedicated to Asian American women,” according to the site.

Story to read right now: How Chef Jenny Dorsey is Shattering the World’s Perception of Asian Food

Top Asian American News Sites: Mochi Magazine

6. Asian Fortune

Asian Fortune focuses on news and opinions, but also delves into business, entertainment, and lifestyle coverage across all segments of the Asian Pacific community.

Though based in the D.C. area, the newspaper provides ample national news coverage.

Stories to read right now: Liu Withdraws Name from Consideration for DOJ No. 3 Post, 5 Facts about Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

Top Asian American News Sites: Asian Fortune

7. NBC News Asian America

NBC News brings its top-notch coverage to Asian American issues in this section on the site. Alongside standard breaking news fare, the site mixes in-depth stories on issues, arts and culture, and sports.

Stories to read right now: Honolulu artist traces her missing mother’s footsteps across the globe, Four books by Asian American authors republished as Penguin Classics

Top Asian American News Sites: NBC News | Asian America

8. Reappropriate

Reappropriate takes on politics and pop culture with a feminist and activist bent. Founder Jenn Fang and a host of guest contributors provide insightful commentary tackling current events, policy, and culture.

Story to read right now: The Triumph Beyond Sandra Oh’s Trophy

Top Asian American News Sites: Reappropriate

9. New York Times | Asian-Americans

The U.S.’s paper of record collects stories on Asian American topics in one easily accessible section. The Asian-Americans section includes all the in-depth news, issues, policy, and opinion coverage expected from the New York Times.

Stories to read right now: Stop Calling Asian Women Adorable and Why Do South Asians Have Such High Rates of Heart Disease?

Top Asian American News Sites: New York Times | Asian-Americans

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