Loud and Proud: 13 LGBTQ+ Blogs You Need to Start Following this Pride Month

Pride Month: 13 Unique LGBTQ+ Blogs to Know About

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, widely considered to be the start of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement in the U.S. The first Pride marches in support of the LGBTQ+ community were organized one year later.

To mark the anniversary, this year’s NYC Pride will celebrate #WorldPride with events throughout the entire month of June and expects 3 million parade attendees.

Each year during Pride Month, we take time to recognize and celebrate those in the LGBTQ+ media that are bringing their unique voices and stories to the conversation.

In past years, we’ve recognized some of the top LGBTQ+ influencers and news sites. (View all our LGBTQ+ roundups.)

This year, we’re shining a light on LGBTQ+ bloggers that are sharing their unique insights, advice, and great writing on a variety of topics including activism, news, parenting, travel, gaming, and more.

These are a few of our favorites, in no particular order.

1. Joe.My.God

Joe.My.God is an award-winning blog that covers “news and politics on gay issues, culture and disco knowledge.”

Joe Jervis is constantly updating the site with news from around the web, ensuring readers are always caught up on the latest headlines.

Posts are concise, easy to read, and generate very active comment threads from the blog’s loyal followers. The nightly “CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread” posts are especially popular.

Posts to read right now: SCOTUS Rejects Challenge To Trans Student Rights; Survey: 41% Of Gays Are Atheist, Agnostic, Or “Nones”; George Takei: I’m “Tempted” To Run Against McConnell

2. The Fab Femme 

(*Note: This site is no longer live but you can follow it on Instagram @tffmag*)
The Fab Femme, created by Aryka Randall in 2010, is written for LGBTQ+ women and has a goal to “publish creative content that sheds light on stories told by feminine women in society.”

Articles on the site cover entertainment, travel, dating, politics, and more.

The Q&A section includes interviews with an impressive lineup of inspiring women from all walks of life, including artists, activists, and entrepreneurs.

3. Raising My Rainbow

Lori Duron writes Raising My Rainbow about her “adventures in raising a fabulously gender creative son.” Duron’s gender nonconforming son C.J. is the focus of the blog.

Named one of Parent Magazine’s blogs that are “Most Likely To…Change The World,” Raising My Rainbow is a great resource for parents of “gender creative, gender nonconforming, protogay, and prehomosexual children.”

C.J. even writes posts here and there, which I love. In 2018, he was named the youngest grand marshal in Orange County Pride’s history.

Posts to read right now: If You Don’t Let Your Kid Pick Their Own Costume, You’re A Monster; The Leader Of The Misfits; The Coachella Classmate and DragCon Unicorn

4. TransGriot

TransGriot (pronounced Gree-oh) is written by Monica Roberts, “a proud unapologetic Black trans woman speaking truth to power and discussing the world around her since 2006.”

Roberts is a GLAAD Award-winning blogger and trans human rights advocate. She works to promote the acceptance of all trans people, with a special focus on transgender people of color.

The blog homepage also lists Roberts’ favorite blogs, trans blogs, LGBTQ+ and POC resources, and more.

Posts to read right now: Rep Marc Veasey Honors Muhlaysia From US House Floor; The Equality Act Passes House!; ConGRADulations Trans Class of 2019

5. The Gayby Project

The Gayby Project is a blog by married couple Al and La that chronicles their story of conceiving their two children, Ansel and Angus, via IVF. It also includes stories on parenting and family life, work, and more. “Herein lies an adventure of queer infertility and making a family without biology on your side,” the site explains.

For anyone considering or currently going through IVF, the blog has detailed breakdowns of the timeline for each pregnancy – the hurdles and victories that many others can surely relate to.

The “Lemonade” section of the site if full of fun memes and cute animals to help cheer up anyone having a difficult time conceiving a child.

Posts to read right now: Logistics – What We’re Doing and How; Well, it’s been a long time.; Woof. (the dog days)

The Gayby Project

Credit: The Gayby Project

6. My Fabulous Disease

After testing positive for HIV in 1985, Mark S. King became an HIV/AIDS advocate and has been active in the community ever since.

In his blog, King shares stories of his life with the disease and recovery from drug addiction, LGBTQ+ advocacy news, and more.

“Get ready for some frank opinion, inspirational writing, debate on sexual politics, videos of poz life featuring my family and friends, and even some infamous drag,” he explains on the homepage.

Posts to read right now: I Left My Hospital Bed to Make an HIV Event. What Self-Care?; Steve Pieters is the Very Model of a Medical Anomaly; Drag Taught Me What It Means to be a Man  

7. Black Girl Dangerous

Black Girl Dangerous (“BGD”) was created by award-winning author Mia McKenzie in 2011. Since then, the site has featured over 300 queer and trans writers of color.

This line says it best: “With its focus on social justice from a QTPoC perspective, BGD is the only forum of its kind on the web.”

The reader-funded, non-profit site actually stopped adding new posts a few years ago, but has left the site available as an archive of writings, videos, and podcasts that are still very much worth your time. Mia and the BGD blog also are still active on social media.

Posts to read right now: Boy Story. Or, What Having A Baby Is Teaching Me About Gender; QTPOC In Comics: “Bingo Love” Depicts Black Queer Women’s Romance; De-Normalizing Heteros: Why I Don’t Use the Word “Straight”

8. The Lesbian Blog

Bloggers Emily and Faith, a married couple from Ontario, manage The Lesbian Blog. As they explain on the site, “Our intention for this platform is to use our experience to answer all the pressing questions you have about what it means to be gay.”

The blog homepage has a field for readers to submit questions and Emily and Faith will post an answer. Some examples of questions include “Do lesbians hate men?” “Do lesbians fight as much as straight couples?” and “Should I disclose that I’m gay in a job interview?”

The couple’s honest and usually humorous answers cover a range of topics, from dating to health and from style to coming out.

Posts to read right now: What’s the best part of being a lesbian?; What is femme invisibility?; What are the most common questions lesbians are asked?

LGBTQ Blogs: @thelesbianblog on Instagram

Credit: @thelesbianblog on Instagram

9. The Gay Gamer

Bryan Ochalla writes The Gay Gamer, a blog about his love for all things gaming. He is especially drawn to old Japanese video games and systems, but posts cover new releases as well.

Bryan is a life-long gamer and keeps a running list of the games he’s currently playing right on the homepage.

Posts are fun and Ochalla’s love for gaming comes across loud and clear. His “Manual Stimulation” posts break down his thoughts on the instructions, layout, and art in Japanese video game manuals – they’re unique posts that I really enjoyed reading.

Posts to read right now: Ten questions with the guys behind the best GameBoy game you’ve probably never played, Tobu Tobu Girl; 13 games I’m looking forward to playing in 2019; Manual Stimulation: Hoshi no Kirby (GameBoy)

10. 2TravelDads

2TravelDads chronicles Chris and Rob Taylor’s world travels with their two sons. Rob also recently published “The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids.”

Named one of the “World’s Top Male Travel Bloggers” by HuffPost, the Taylors focus on destinations that are perfect for any family. Married since 2013, the couple is based in Seattle and shares stories of their adventures to Europe, Mexico, and beyond.

I love their travel guides because not only do they let readers know about fun family activities, but also provide plenty of tips for getting the most out of each experience.

Posts to read right now: Best Things To Do In Buena Park: Awesome Family Fun In The OC; MLK National Historic Site With Kids: Learning About Civil Rights In Atlanta; Our First Day Of School: Transitioning Out Of Homeschooling To Public School

11. The Randy Report

“The Randy Report follows the daily news cycle on topics of politics, pop culture and entertainment of interest to the LGBT community,” according to the site’s description.

Randy’s “sassy American soapbox” blog has great coverage of recent events in the LGBTQ+ world and posts a weekly news round-up to make sure readers are always up-to-date.

The Randy Report also posts a regular podcast covering the latest politics and entertainment news.

Posts to read right now: Perfect For Pride – ‘Shave With Pride’ Set From LGBTQ Ally Harry’s; Podcast: Brazil’s Good News, Kenya’s Bad News, ‘Downton Abbey’ Teases A Gay Romance; Coming Out At 40, GOP County Commissioner Says “I Get To Be Myself”

12. My Two Mums

My Two Mums is written by Kirsty and Clara, lovers of photography, theatre, and their “favorite human,” their 6-year-old son referred to as Monkey.

The UK-based couple started their award-winning lifestyle blog in 2012. Posts cover a range of topics, including LGBTQ+ advocacy, family life, and travel.

Kirsty and Clara also wrote a multiple-piece post about their birthing story that’s available on the blog. It’s an honest, emotional look at their journey that was compelling from the start and I highly recommend it.

Posts to read right now: We exist and our children deserve visibility;Why Gay Pride is so important; Keeping our relationship strong

13. Gays With Kids

This blog is a great resource for gay dads and dads-to-be. “At Gays With Kids, our goal has always been to make sure every gay, bi or trans dad feels welcome and represented, regardless of his path to fatherhood,” the site explains.

Content covers adoption, surrogacy, foster parenting, co-parenting, and more.

There’s a great mix of news, politics, and touching personal essays from dads in the community.

Posts to read right now: Triple the Fun (and Diapers): Chris and Shimon, on Life With Their Triplets; 5 Ways to Know Your Adoption Agency Is LGBTQ+-Friendly; Adopting an Older Child Through Foster Care Was the Best Path for These Dads

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