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My brother is a nurse. My husband and I had three nurses in our bridal party, including the officiant. And that doesn’t even cover all of the nurses I know.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030.

Because these people play such an important role in my life, field all my health-related questions and have my utmost respect, I decided to take a look at some popular nursing blogs.

These are a few of the unique ones I came across.

1. The Gypsy Nurse

If I was a nurse, I’d be a travel nurse, so I was immediately drawn to this blog. Not to mention the need for travel nurses exploded with the onset of the pandemic. This blog was created in 2012 as a resource for education and support for anyone thinking of entering the field.

The site posts include guides on housing, jobs, finances and more to ensure travel nurses are equipped with all the information they’d possibly need to succeed.

Here are a few helpful posts: 3 Steps to Avoid Debt When Travel NursingHow to Survive Your First Nursing Assignment; and Basics to Choosing the Right Travel Nurse Company.

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2. Correctional Nurse

This blog covers the unique field of correctional nursing, caring for incarcerated individuals in jails, prisons and juvenile facilities. It also can apply to more traditional healthcare settings that include prisoners as patients.

Blogger Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP-RN, was a correctional nursing consultant, podcaster, and speaks regularly on topics like clinical judgment and reducing medication errors. She retired in 2019 and the blog was acquired by Dr. Lori Roscoe, DNP, PhD, APRN, ANP-C, CCHP-RN, a clinical nurse practitioner and nurse educator specializing in the field of correctional nursing and healthcare.

The blog’s posts seek to educate readers on the unique characteristics of this growing patient population as well as dispel apprehensions and misconceptions about them.

I recommend reading Using Therapeutic CommunicationThe Elderly Population in Corrections; and Saying “No” to Patient Requests.

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3. Nurse Nacole

Nacole Riccaboni is a registered nurse who blogs “to provide nursing students and nursing professionals with simple and fast resources.”

The homepage has daily nursing tips and readers can visit the “Nursing Advice” section for more in-depth posts to help nursing students succeed.

Riccaboni has a popular YouTube channel that documents her journey to getting her MBA, nursing school tips, and more. She also runs a successful e-commerce business, Nurse Huddle, with nursing apparel, study index cards, and tote bags, among other educational materials.

Check out these interesting posts: Why Are You Calling Me? | Provider-Nurse Disconnection; Avoiding Learned Helplessness | Nursing Hacks # 13; and #1 Trait Of Successful Nursing Students.

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Nursing Blogs We Love: @nursenacole on Instagram

Credit: @nursenacole on Instagram

4. The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, started The Nerdy Nurse in 2010 and blogs about technology as it relates to nursing and healthcare. Blog topics include nursing issues, nursing products and services, healthcare, technology, social media, personal branding, and lifestyle topics.

Wilson also is the author of “The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology” and co-author of “The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging.”

I enjoyed reading the listicle posts on the site covering the best shoes for nurses, nurse cartoons, the best places to study, and more. The helpful and usually humorous posts have helped The Nerdy Nurse generate an impressive following, with 34K followers on Twitter alone.

Flight Medic vs Flight Nurse: What’s the Difference?; How to Choose a Nursing Specialty; and How to Find the Best Electronic Stethoscope for You are good reads.

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Credit: @thenerdynurse on Instagram

Looking for more nursing content? Check out these additional nursing blogs we recognized in 2020.

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