On PR Newswire: A “Polar Coaster” Winter Forecast, 2019’s Wackiest Pet Names, and the Safest Cities for Drivers

With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire for Journalists. Here are some of this week’s most newsworthy:

Farmers' Almanac 2019-2020 Winter Outlook map - Polar Coaster Winter Ahead

Source: PRNewsfoto/Farmers’ Almanac

Wild Ride Ahead – 2020 Farmers’ Almanac Predicts a ‘Polar Coaster’ Winter

If you didn’t like last winter, you may want to stop reading right now. The 2020 Farmers’ Almanac’s extended weather forecast is calling for a “Polar Coaster Winter,” with plenty of frigid temperatures and snow for a majority of the country. “Freezing, frigid, and frosty” are the exact terms used to describe the upcoming season, especially for areas east of the Rockies all the way to the Appalachians.

Woman playing with a husky outdoors

Source: PRNewsfoto/Dog owner

Nationwide Reveals the Wackiest Pet Names of 2019

DJ Skribbles and Bits and Jean Clawed Van Damme earned the distinction of owning the Wackiest Pet Names of the year. DJ Skribbles and Bits nosed out Stella Bean Dip in the dog division, while Jean Clawed Van Damme purred past Boba Fetticini to be crowned champions and receive a basket of goodies.

Downtown city skyline

Source: PRNewsfoto/Allstate

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report Ranks Safest Cities When Factoring Population Density, Urges Caution While ‘Laboring’ Through Traffic

Drivers in Boise, Idaho, are the country’s safest when taking into account population density, according to the newest set of rankings from the 2019 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report. Understanding there are many factors that contribute to car crashes, including number of cars on the road, Allstate standardizes the rankings to level the playing field between drivers in densely populated areas and their counterparts in smaller cities.

Marriott International large toiletry bottles on a counter with a pile of folded towels

Source: PRNewsfoto/, Marriott International

Marriott International to Eliminate Single-Use Shower Toiletry Bottles from Properties Worldwide, Expanding Successful 2018 Initiative

Marriott International announced that it’s expanding an initiative to replace tiny, single-use toiletry bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel in guestroom showers with larger, pump-topped bottles. To date, the company has already rolled out larger bottles at about 1,000 properties in North America, and now expects most of its other hotels to make the switch by December 2020.

Open office with several people sitting at the desks

Source: PRNewsfoto/Workplace

Randstad U.S. Survey Finds Casual Dress Is (Almost) Always in Fashion in Today’s Workplace

Randstad U.S. released results of a survey exploring American employees’ attitudes regarding workplace fashion. The findings not only revealed casual dress appears to be the new norm in most workplaces, but a third of respondents are completely resistant to formal workwear altogether. In fact, 33% said they’d quit their job (or turn down a job offer) if they were required to follow a conservative dress code.

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Larry Grady is online content manager at PR Newswire for Journalists.  He has worked in business media for nearly 30 years and enjoys reality TV and daydreaming about travel and wine.

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