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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week’s roundup is for the pet lovers. We’re recognizing a few of our favorite petstagrams. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Petstagram Accounts We Love -

I spent a good portion of today looking at Petstagrams, or Instagram accounts that feature one particular pet. They bring everyone in our office a lot of joy and also provide some helpful advice on animal husbandry (specifically, warnings of what pets may not be suitable for the average owner).

I thought it might be interesting to go off the beaten trail of everyday blogs and take a look into the pets of Instagram.

1. juniperfoxx

I think this was one of the first Instagram accounts I ever followed. Juniper is a red fox but the page also features Fig and Elmwood (both foxes), Moose (a dog), and myriad other odd creatures.

I particularly like this page because I’ve found Juniper’s owner always to be insightful on how hard it is to take care of exotic pets.

Some posts I liked: “Baby Photos” and “Opossums.”

Follow @juniperfoxx on Twitter.

Petstagrams We Love: @juniperfoxx on Instagram

Credit: @juniperfoxx on Instagram

2. lovemartini

I never realized how long dogs’ tongues were until I saw Martini, a 12-year-old, 3-pound chihuahua with a big attitude and zero teeth. Unlike @juniperfoxx’s page, this blog is mostly aesthetic to show off Martini’s regal and adorable presence.

My favorite posts are “Being Almost a Star is Exhausting” and “Strawberry.”

You also can follow @Martinithechihuahua on Facebook.

Petstagrams We Love: @lovemartini on Instagram

Credit: @lovemartini on Instagram

3. cityturtles

I’m a University of Maryland graduate and our school motto was “Fear the Turtle,” so I felt obligated to include this Instagram account on the list. This feed follows the adventures of Squishy and Honey (and Rosy, R.I.P.), a red-eared slider and yellow-bellied slider living in NYC.

I didn’t know turtles could be as expressive as these guys, but they are!

Posts I loved: “Boys Can Rock a Flower Crown” and “Meet Honey!

Follow @cityturtles on Twitter.

Petstagrams We Love: @cityturtles on Instagram

Credit: @cityturtles on Instagram

4. Backpacking Kitty

As a completely nonathletic, non-outdoorsy person who gets out of breath when looking at a mountain, Simon Yosh the adventure cat puts me to shame.

Not only is Simon a talented kayaker and climber, but his dad is TV personality and filmmaker JJ Yosh, so you can be assured each image showcases beautiful background scenery captured in the best way.

Posts I liked: “RIP – Grumpy Cat” and “Day 2 of Tahoe.”

Follow @jjyosh on Twitter.

Petstagrams We Love: @backpackingkitty on Instagram

Credit: @backpackingkitty on Instagram

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Savannah Tanbusch is a team lead and editor for PRWeb. She spends a lot of her free time thinking about dogs and playing video games. Follow her at @tanbusch.

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