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Science Blogs We Love -

As a lover of science, I can’t help but feed my curiosity. With all the recent talk about extraterrestrial life on Mars, now has never been a better time to also feed your scientific curiosity.

Science bloggers are known for tackling controversial topics and debunking myths — they can be active researchers, fact checkers, or opinionators.

Today, I’d like to share these four thought-provoking science blogs that are gate-keepers of scientific truth and provide a diverse range of content and viewpoints.

1. Popular Science

Popular Science magazine has been around since I was a little girl. My brother’s Popular Science subscription fed my curiosity about science at a young age. Now the publication lives on through the internet with a blog dedicated to science. Follow current events and news in the areas of space, environment, health, and animals.

I enjoyed reading Gender and class inequalities haven’t really changed for 4,000 years; An experiment hinted at Martian life in the ’70s. So why did we stop looking?; and Where will Earth’s continents go next?

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Science Blogs We Love - @popsci on Instagram

Credit: @popsci on Instagram

2. Marielle Pellegrino

Marielle Pellegrino is an astrodynamicist and a Ph.D. student/Smead Scholar at The University of Colorado Boulder. Her blog, Miss Aerospace, is fueled by her passion for astronomy and astrophysics and is “dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of exactly what you are seeing.”

Pellegrino manages a colorful Instagram filled with adventure and “provides answers to your most burning questions.”

I recommend reading Directing a Spacecraft Millions of Miles Away; The Likelihood of Getting Hit by a Piece of Space Junk; and Good Vibes on Mars.

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Science Blogs We Love - @mariellegrino on Instagram

Credit: @mariellegrino on Instagram

3. Scientific American

Scientific American is the “award-winning authoritative source for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter.” The publications and blog posts are authored by scientific journalists and editorial staff.

I like that Scientific American has a blog index categorized by a wide range of interests. For example, Cross-Check is a sub-section of the main blog that provides “critical views of science in the news.” Scientific American’s vivid, high-resolution photos on social media are an added bonus.

Posts I liked: We’re Sorry, Vera Rubin; and September 2019: Earth’s Warmest September on Record.

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Science Blogs We Love - @scientific_american on Instagram

Credit: @scientific_american on Instagram

4. STARtorialist

Astro-fashion is totally a thing, and I’m totally loving it! STARtorialist is curated by professor, astronomer, and public speaker in New York, Emily Rice, and Summer Ash, a scientist in New York. Their blog is “where science meets fashion and scientists get fabulous!”

As a space enthusiast myself, I like that Rice and Ash are two inclusive female astronomers who share “all the astro-fashion (they) can find.”

Posts I enjoyed: Happy Solstice Earthlings!; and Science is Coming.

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Science Blogs We Love - @startorialist on Instagram

Credit: @startorialist on Instagram

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