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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. We’re continuing our regional blog roundups with this list of midwestern blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Midwestern Blogs We Love -

A few weeks ago, we recognized a few of our favorite blogs based in and writing about the western region of the U.S. (Update: Check out our list of unique blogs from the South and Northeast.)

We’re moving east this week and taking a look at some of the most unique blogs in the Midwest.

1. The Midwestival

“We love the Midwest and we won’t shut up about it.” That’s how this team of writers describes their work at The Midwestival, a blog that dives deep into what it means to live in this region.

After a brief hiatus in 2016, the blog came back in late 2018 and is now ready to start churning out more content and is in the market for new contributors.

The Midwestival is a hearty mix of food, travel, and people posts that convey the spirit of the Midwest. It also taught me that pizza farms are a thing in the Midwest and it’s something I must try ASAP.

I recommend reading It’s Complicated [A Letter From The Editor]; Midwestern Clothing Brands That Make Us (And The Planet) Look Good; and The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Iowa.

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2. Chicago Like a Local

Chicago is one of my favorite cities – so much so that I almost became a local not long ago. That’s what drew me to this blog.

Chicago Like a Local is the blog of Choose Chicago, the marketing organization for the city with a mission to “bring regional, national, and international business and leisure visitors to Chicago.”

Chicago is the third-largest city in the country based on population and winner of the 2019 Best Large Cities in the U.S., so you can bet there’s a lot of information on this Midwestern blog. It covers topics like art, entertainment, food, and sports in the Windy City. The “Plan Your Trip” section has helpful resources for getting around the city, weather information, and more.

Chicago Architecture Biennial: 8 things to see and do; Where to see fall colors in and around Chicago; and 24 hours in Chicago’s Bronzeville are interesting reads.

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Midwestern Blogs We Love - @choosechicago on Instagram

Credit: @choosechicago on Instagram

3. Ozarks Alive

The Ozarks region spans 47,000 square miles, includes two mountain ranges, and extends through four states. Kaitlyn McConnell has lived in the area most of her life and wants to “preserve the area’s unique heritage and history for future generations.”

Visit the “People” section for McConnell’s interviews with Ozarks residents. In addition, she covers the area’s cultural events, history, and local businesses.

McConnell recently announced that Ozarks Alive will soon be publishing a guidebook for the area.

Check out these great posts: Pie suppers: A sweet piece of Ozarks history; Preserving the Ozarks: Curtis Copeland; and See the Ozarks before it’s sold.

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Midwestern Blogs We Love - @ozarksalive on Instagram

Credit: @ozarksalive on Instagram

4. Miss Northerner

“Miss Northerner” is Kristen Carlson, a travel and lifestyle blogger and photographer living in Wisconsin. She recently expanded her Midwest blog coverage to also include Michigan and Minnesota.

Not only will you find great travel inspiration in her posts, but Carlson includes her beautiful and vibrant photography as well. She covers everything from outdoor adventures to seasonal recipes, fashion, and sightseeing spots that had me ready to pack my bags.

I enjoyed reading Kayaking Through The Fall Colors; Mineral Point Wisconsin; and A Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farm + Tips for Picking the Perfect Tree.

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Midwestern Blogs We Love - @missnortherner on Instagram

Credit: @missnortherner on Instagram

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