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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. With holiday shopping top of mind, we’re focusing on budgeting blogs this week. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Budgeting Blogs We Love -

With the Christmas season coming around, my focus is mostly on not going bankrupt by spending money on my family members. It’s my favorite time of the season to show off my number one skill: ordering take out and making it stretch across multiple days – I’m excellent at rationing.

In the spirit of saving money, I’m going to look at some budgeting blogs today.

1. Frugalwoods

Liz and her family moved from the big city to the rural countryside of Vermont in an effort to save money. This blog details their journey of making a hybrid homestead-farm.

I like this blog because it gives a kind of personal look into frugal living and saving, and also works as a nice personal and self-help blog.

Liz also recently published a book, which is probably something I’ll check out in the future.

Two posts I liked are How A Diagnosis Of Postpartum Depression Changed My Life and 18 Things To Do On Black Friday Instead Of Shopping.

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Budgeting Blogs We Love - @frugalwoods on Instagram

Credit: @frugalwoods on Instagram

2. Clever Girl Finance

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance is a personal budgeting website with a mission to empower women to achieve full financial independence and success. Sokunbi gained her inspiration for the site, and her own smart saving, from her mother, who worked hard to financially educate herself after getting married.

Alongside the blog, the site offers in-depth courses to educate on finance topics like smart investing. There’s a book accompaniment with this one as well!

Two posts that I found helpful were How to Set Your Financial Goals for Success and How To Budget: Create a Budget That Works.

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Budgeting Blogs We Love - @clevergirlfinance on Instagram

Credit: @clevergirlfinance on Instagram

3. The Budget Mom

Kumiko Ehrmantraut has a degree in finance and is an accredited financial counselor. Like the Frugalwoods blog, her blog has a personal touch and focuses on gaining self-confidence to better manage your budget.

In addition to providing free resources and information, Ehrmantraut sells various workbooks and planners to make financial planning easier (as someone who does everything in writing, this is something I gravitate toward).

Posts I loved: My 15-Minute Budgeting Routine and How to Budget an Extra Paycheck in a Month.

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Budgeting Blogs We Love - @thebudgetmom on Instagram

Credit: @thebudgetmom on Instagram

4. The Baller on a Budget

Growing up, like many, as a child with parents that struggled to make ends meet, Aileen has struggled with financial insecurity her entire life. Her mission with this blog is to document her journey to financial freedom, and I gravitated toward this blog because I found it more relatable to me (as a millennial) and my upbringing.

Like some of the blogs I mentioned above, Aileen’s blog has more of a focus on lifestyle, but budgeting is a lifestyle. She has DIY skincare routines and cheap recipes that she goes into detail about, which I really enjoyed.

My favorite posts: The Broke Millennial’s Guide to Las Vegas and Easy 6-Ingredient Filipino Chicken Adobo.

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Budgeting Blogs We Love - @theballeronabudget on Instagram

Credit: @theballeronabudget on Instagram

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