6 Philanthropy News Sites We Love for Advancing the Conversation

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some, you can find them here. These philanthropy news sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena. If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

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In the chaotic 24/7/365 news cycle in which we live, humility is a luxury rarely afforded to the selfless acts that are too often lost within the Bermuda Triangle of content. So without a salacious twist, political scandal, or a firm angle falling somewhere in the ballpark of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll [or Reality TV/Pop Culture for my millennials out there], how can the do-gooders of the world rise above the noise?

Seriously, all ears.

But I digress…

As we approach the season of love and laughter, we all can use some positivity, am I right?

The sites below will redirect our prized spotlight toward the joy and humanity that might otherwise take a back seat to mainstream “breaking” headlines.

Without further ado, please enjoy a few of our favorite philanthropy-centric news sites for 2019!

1. Philanthropy News Digest (PND)

Philanthropy News Digest (PND), a daily news service of the Foundation Center, is a compendium, in digest form, of philanthropy-related articles and features spanning national print and digital media outlets.

Published daily, PND news items summarize the contents of original articles, press or news releases, and/or Grantmaker communications.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but with little discretionary time to spare, we are LIVING for the site’s clear and concise summary-based structure of positivity and thought-provoking good will! Each item includes a citation for the original source which readers of PND can use to locate/read the original source document. Published weekly on Tuesdays, the flagship Philanthropy News Digest newsletter delivers a full week’s worth of news in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

Stories to read right now: Changing the World One Scholar at a Time: New Free Resource Launches; and When Less Is More: Cities Unlock the Potential of Micro-Philanthropy.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - Philanthropy News Digest (PND)

2. Inside Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy lives up to its reputation and commitment to changing our world with the perfect balance of hard-hitting and kindhearted.

“We created Inside Philanthropy with a simple goal: To pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society. We believe the resources of philanthropy should be accessible to all, not just to those with the right connections, and we seek to explain the world of giving in ways that anyone can understand … While today’s rising tide of generosity is a good thing, and we write often about smart and creative funders, we raise tough questions about the role of private money in public life.”

We applaud Inside Philanthropy and look forward to another year of excellence and readership. Good on you, friends!

Stories to read right now: The Bloomberg Philanthropy Files: What Can We Learn From $8 Billion in Giving?; and Meet the Top Indian American Philanthropist.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - Inside Philanthropy

3. The Chronicle of Philanthropy

“Decision makers at four in five of the largest and most influential charitable organizations in America read the Chronicle to advance their missions.”


The Chronicle of Philanthropy was founded in 1988 and is published by the Chronicle of Higher Education Inc. From deeply reported stories on the big ideas that shape the work of charities and foundations to the practical guidance in its online resource center, the Chronicle of Philanthropy provides us with information and practical advice needed to help change the world.

We are particularly hooked by The Chronicle’s news and opinion pages, which help fuel the national conversation about the role nonprofits play in society.

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Story to read right now: To Expand Reach, Nonprofits Must Tell Stories That Touch Hearts.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

4. Philanthropy Daily

Philanthropy Daily makes this list as an online publication of news and opinion that provides an authentic diversity of perspectives on the most important issues, persons, and ideas in the world of philanthropy.

“We believe that philanthropy is best understood as an integral part of civil society — and, therefore, American democracy.”

Philanthropy Daily is published by American Philanthropic, LLC, a comprehensive management, development, and communications consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations. American Philanthropic’s mission is to strengthen civil society — those nongovernmental, non-market-based associations and organizations which are vital to the health of our democracy.

Stories to read right now: Millennials Are Givers, and Uniquely So; and 5 silly mistakes nonprofits make when applying for grants.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - Philanthropy Daily

5. Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ)

“We seek to be a challenging voice that helps to advance conversations…” A challenge we graciously accepted and appreciated over the span of 2019.

NPQ launched in the winter of 1999 as a national print journal. It has evolved over the last two decades, solidifying its spot as a leading journal within the nonprofit sector. It provides research-based news for nonprofits about nonprofits. Using a range of media channels, NPQ has helped advance critical conversations that can refine nonprofit and social movement policy and practice.

In 2006, NPQ added a daily e-newsletter that we love for a quick morning skim. More recently, NPQ expanded its audience reach by including fabulous webinars and podcasts.

“Through all of our media channels, we aim to deliver a constant stream of well-analyzed, time-sensitive, and contextualized information to help practitioners negotiate their rapidly changing landscape filled with unprecedented opportunity and challenges.”

Stories to read right now: Where Have All the Donors Gone? The Continued Decline of the Small Donor and the Growth of Megadonors; and Pizza and a Laugh—A Reminder about Your Nonprofit Financial Stress Level.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ)

6. PR Newswire | Not For Profit 

Having pioneered the news distribution industry and retained our standing as the #1 trusted source for news, it only makes sense to highlight a running news feed dedicated to the stories we love.

The Not For Profit news section includes the latest releases in the nonprofit sector — announcements of fundraising and charity campaigns and events, significant donations, grants, and the launch of new projects and initiatives.

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Stories to read right now: Epilepsy Foundation and The Cameron Boyce Foundation Launch Initiative to Raise Awareness about Epilepsy and the Risk of SUDEP; and The Salvation Army issues call for support during particularly short fundraising season.

Top Philanthropy News Sites - PR Newswire Not For Profit News

From our family to yours, we hope you found a shining light of hope and possibly a reliable source for substantive philanthropic copy. Until 2020 — Cheers and Kindness!

P.S. Let’s wrap this up with a laugh and sense of relatability. After all, you have to take a break from saving the world and treat yourself from time to time. Check out 19 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Work For A Nonprofit and comment below with #Relatable or #CantRelate.

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