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Cooking Blogs We Love -

If you’re like me, you’ll be spending your pre-holiday time off in the kitchen.

At the beginning of fall, there always seems to be an uptick in stove and oven use. Unless you live in Arizona or Florida, it’s never too hot to be in the kitchen at this time of year.

Whether your range is gas or electric, it doesn’t matter. Take the time to explore all of the warmth your range has to give by checking out some of these righteous cooking blogs.

1. Food52

Food52 contains thousands of “test kitchen-approved recipes” and articles, some of which have impressively resulted in a James Beard Award.

The writers pride themselves on cooking 52 weeks a year, hence the blog name, Food52. Members of the community submit recipes and editors cook them in a test kitchen. These thoughtful posts provide a personal touch that gives readers like myself a feeling of connectedness to the recipe.

Posts I recommend reading: The Absolute Best Way to Fry an Egg, According to 42 Tests; 5 Mexican-Americans on the Tamale-Making Party That Defines the Holidays; and The Unbearable Kindness of Warehouse Beef Stew.

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Cooking Blogs We Love - @food52 on Instagram

Credit: @food52 on Instagram

2. Simply Recipes

Like many cooks do, Elise Bauer began blogging as a way to keep track of her family’s recipes. I have to applaud her for the accomplishment of having one of the most popular cooking websites in the world. Google “simple recipes” and Simply Recipes is likely the first result — how clever.

My favorite posts: Easy Ways to Beautifully Package Your Edible Gifts; 19 Food Gifts for the Holidays; and 13 Fave Weeknight Meals Using Jarred Pasta Sauce.

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Cooking Blogs We Love - @simplyrecipes on Instagram

Credit: @simplyrecipes on Instagram

3. David Lebovitz

Another award-winning blog, David Lebovitz received Saveur magazine’s first-ever Blog of the Decade award this year.

In 2004, Lebovitz moved to Paris, so much of what you read and see in his blog revolves around France’s culinary culture. He’s talented, insightful, and up to date on current events, which also makes him relatable.

Posts I liked: Weekend Links & Holiday Recipes; Bacon Jam; and Cold Toast.

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Cooking Blogs We Love - @davidlebovitz on Instagram

Credit: @davidlebovitz on Instagram

4. Just One Cookbook

Nami is a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. She has a knack for cooking classic and modern Japanese recipes.

Like Elise Bauer, Nami started her blog as a way to keep track of her recipes. Her entire website is in English and Japanese, and each of her recipes offers a short history lesson.

Posts that stood out to me: Caramelized Banana Muffins; Netflix Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories – Season 1 Recipes; and Okinawa Soba.

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Cooking Blogs We Love - @justonecookbook on Instagram

Credit: @justonecookbook on Instagram

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