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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to read more. It’s been one of my goals each year, and this year is no different.

I tend to stick with the mystery/thriller genre and am looking to branch out this year. But with so many books out there, I find it difficult to make a decision, so I needed some help.

These are some of my favorite blogs dedicated to the love of books and helping readers find something new.

1. Sarah’s Book Shelves

Blogger Sarah isn’t a critic or journalist – she simply loves books and writes this blog to share her thoughts on what she’s reading. In 2021, Sarah read nearly 101 books across different genres.

She has great lists of reading recommendations for a variety of topics: book clubs, moms, page turners, sports, and more. Sarah also hosts a weekly podcast with a featured “bookish” guest in which they discuss books they love and those they don’t.

My 2021 Reading (and Podcast) Stats; Most Underrated Gems of 2021 and Behind the Scenes of Opening a New Indie Bookstore [podcast] are interesting reads/listens.

Follow @SarahsShelves on Twitter.

Book Blogs We Love - @sarahsbookshelves on Instagram

Credit: @sarahsbookshelves on Instagram

2. Book Riot

I could stay on this site all day. Book Riot is “dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are.”

The site has a great mix of serious and silly posts from pros and book lovers alike. All book genres are covered, from YA to nonfiction to children’s. There also are several book-related podcasts available.

Recommended posts: Why You Should Go to a Book Festival and How to Choose One; The 2022 Edgar Allan Poe Mystery Award Winners; and Magic, Myths, and Assassins: 6 Latinx Fantasy Novels You Can’t Miss.

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Book Blogs We Love - @bookriot on Instagram

Credit: @bookriot on Instagram

3. A Little Blog of Books

Based in London, blogger Clare Rowland has been writing about books and her love of reading since 2012. This is an easy-to-navigate site that’s great for anyone wanting to read more.

Rowland posts reviews of both fiction and nonfiction books and has a great to-be-read (TBR) list. Check out the News & Features section for a list of Clare’s non-review posts that include interviews, award shortlists, and film adaptation reviews.

Check out My Books of the Year 2021; Babel by Gaston Dorren (review); and Three Books I’ve Read Recently About Crime.

Follow @littleblogbooks on Twitter.

4. The Millions

Called “an indispensable literary site” by The New York Times, The Millions is a digital magazine covering all things books. A mix of posts from paid staff writers and guest contributors means you’ll find a variety of voices throughout the site.

From reading lists to author interviews to reviews and essays, you’re bound to find an interesting read on this site. Opting for a paid membership (starting at $30/year) gives readers access to a monthly newsletter.

I enjoyed these posts: Ten Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About C.S. Lewis; Why I’ll Never Read a Book a Week Ever Again; and Fourteen First and Last Sentence Novels.

Follow @The_Millions on Twitter.

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