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Emotional Intelligence Blogs We Love -

Last week was frustrating, to say the least.

With most of us still doing our best to quarantine and the lines between work life and personal life blurring together, it’s taken everything accessible to me to just maintain some level of peace throughout my day-to-day life.

I know I’m not alone because my housemates are feeling the same way.

These blogs can help readers learn about and practice emotional awareness and intelligence.

1. 6 Seconds

6 Seconds is a non-profit organization, founded by Joshua Freedman, that is dedicated to improving emotional awareness and intelligence. It is self-described as a community of changemakers who feel the world would improve if more people were practicing daily emotional intelligence.

One of the things I loved about the blog was the range and accessibility of it. 6 Seconds offers classes, videos, lectures, and general tools alongside the blog posts, and the website is available in several languages.

Posts I loved: A Baker’s Dozen of Wellbeing: 13 Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety During Covid-19; and Best Practices: Emotional Intelligence for Business.

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Emotional Intelligence Blogs We Love - @6secondseq on Instagram

Credit: @6secondseq on Instagram

2. Karen Koenig – Emotional Management and Self Regulation

Karen R. Koenig is a published author and licensed psychotherapist with a focus on our relationship with food and managing the emotions surrounding that. She covers a number of different topics which are all well-organized and easily-accessible in her blog’s interface.

Some of her blogs consist of anecdotal stories, which I found really relatable and easy to understand. She also signs all of her blogs off as if she’s signing a letter, which adds another personal element.

Posts I liked: To Sit Quietly in a Room Alone; and Anger, Helplessness and Paralysis.

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3. PsychCentral: Anger Management – Becoming Curious Instead of Furious

PsychCentral is a pretty popular news website for mental health; it comes up frequently in Google searches for any kind of mental health needs. We’ve actually recognized it before in a list of our favorite psychology blogs.

Blog author and clinical psychologist Aaron Karmin is a published author and certified hypnotherapist, and he wants to help people understand their behavior to promote healthy and meaningful communication. I gravitated towards a blog that deals with anger because it sometimes is one of the hardest emotions to deal with but can have a very direct impact on other people (in my personal opinion).

Posts I found helpful: 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Arguing; and Coping during COVID-19.

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4. EQ Applied

EQ Applied focuses more on the business and workplace side of emotional intelligence, which is what drew me to this blog in the first place. Justin Bariso is a published author and a weekly columnist for

Since the PRWeb editorial staff is customer-facing, it’s important that we practice emotional intelligence and maintain our cool in any given situation. Justin’s blog helps with that.

He also focuses on the emotional aspect of interpersonal relationships and self-growth if that’s more your thing.

Posts I found helpful: Sympathy in The Workplace is Useless and What You Need Instead; and Do You Care About Your Relationships? Become A Better Listener With These 7 Steps.

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