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Electronica and Ambient Music Blogs We Love -

Most of my acquaintances and friends are aware of my overbearing love for Japanese electronica-ambient artist Susumu Hirasawa.

He plays a tesla coil and a laser harp, and it’s just something I really can’t get over or stop talking about. I also have no idea how either of these instruments works, which probably adds to the fun and mystery for me.

Read on for unique and fun blogs dedicated to this music genre.

1. Beatradar

Beatradar is a label and blog rolled into one. Run by artist and producer Atroxity, the blog covers a multitude of different genres, focusing on bringing lesser-known artists and deeper tracks to the forefront.

One prominent feature I love on this blog is the Spotify playlists; they provide succinct but thorough explanations of the different genres and group each bit of music together well. Also, Atroxity writes in such an excitable way that it gets me hyped to listen to the music he’s reviewing.

Posts I enjoyed: Chillin’ all over the world; and The Electronica Outskirts.

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2. A Strangely Isolated Place (ASIP)

Similar to the last blog, ASIP is both a record label and a space for music reviews and blogging. The blog began in 2008 and from there a pretty expansive label grew (they even do colored vinyl pressings!).

The posts and reviews on this blog are pretty extensive, with helpful in-depth write-ups and interviews with the artists. It’s recently opened up a 24/7 radio station as well.

Posts I found interesting: Neither scene nor heard: a journey through ambient music; and isolatedmix 101 – 100% De Lichting (mixed by Nathan Kofi).

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@astrangelyisolatedplace on Instagram

Credit: @astrangelyisolatedplace on Instagram

3. Terminal 313

Estonia-based DJ and self-proclaimed seasoned techno nerd Janno began writing reviews on Terminal 313 in the mid-2000s and remains the one-man superstar behind the blog to this day.

I find the writing for his blog to be a little more casual in nature — like you’re having a conversation — and it’s something that I really enjoy.

Posts I liked: Dez Williams – By Whatever Means Necessary (Mechatronica MTRON020 – 2020); and Billy Ray De La Haye – Beverly Hills (Eudemonia edmn006 – 2020).

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4. Ambient Music Guide

Ambient Music Guide came to fruition (as a website) in 2001, but the project actually began in 1992 and has amassed a wide range of genre and artist reviews. Founder Mike G also provides a good starting point for the listener just beginning to discover ambient music with an essential album and artists list.

One of the interesting things I loved about this blog is that it acts as an extensive archive; you can find articles and interviews that were published in magazines in the 90s.

Posts I loved: A Short History of Ambient & Downtempo Music; and REVIEW: Luke Schneider ‘Altar Of Harmony’.

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