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Fall Food Blogs We Love -

Fall is finally here, and it’s time for apple cider donuts, hot chocolate, and of course the notorious PSL (pumpkin spice latte, in case you didn’t know).

With all this fall food thinking, we thought it might be good to highlight some blogs that highlight the best of autumnal recipes.

Pumpkin ‘N Spice

You can’t start a post about fall foods without pumpkin spice and our first blog, Pumpkin ‘N Spice, does not disappoint.

I admit that I expected all the recipes would have pumpkin spice in them, but I am happy to say they do not. Gayle, the author, writes from a first-person perspective and I highly recommend starting with the “Meet Gayle” section to understand her point of view. Once you do, you will hear her voice when you are reading through her recipe posts.

Some delightful and delicious fall recipe posts include pumpkin spice pancakes and prosciutto, raspberry, and brie grilled cheese, which both sound out of this world good. Gayle gives you great tips at the end of each recipe regarding freezing or substitutions and her readers’ comments add new ideas as well.

Pumpkin ‘N Spice provides a ton of ideas for your fall menu.

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Credit: @pumpkin_n_spice on Instagram

Blogging with Apples

Next up is Blogging with Apples. This blog takes the cake (see what I did there) when it comes to adorable fall food blogs. The family behind it is the MacIntosh family — yes, you are reading that right — who live on a farm in Maine. They are dedicated to growing and cooking as much of their food as possible and have a lot of recipes to share.

From the main Recipe page, click into the collections to find some real gems. I imagine the Antique Recipe collection, full of cakes, as what it would be like if your grandmother lived with you. Rhubarb cake, Orange Cream cake, and Cinnamon Flop cake make me think of eating leftovers on the day after a holiday with a cup of piping hot tea.

Jeff, the husband/father of the MacIntosh family, is the main cook and shares his savory recipes as well. In the Dinners section, I stopped scrolling when I saw a photo of the Steak and Egg Salad. Runny egg on steak on salad works for me.

There is also a recipe for a Potato Pizza. Now you might think potatoes on pizza? Who would want that? But this has been around forever — my mother is from Tuscany and I have seen many a relative eat pizza or focaccia with potato as a topping. Jeff’s recipe is a bit easier to make because he shreds the potatoes rather than slicing them and the added step of caramelized onions just takes this over the top.

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It’s Always Autumn

For me, nothing says autumn like pumpkin and apples, but our next blog is Autumn personified. The aptly named “It’s Always Autumn” fits in nicely with our other profiles. The author, Autumn, is a mother of five and started working in a craft store at 18. She seems like someone I could learn a thing or two from so I checked out her autumn (no pun intended) recipes.

I was intrigued by her pumpkin-shaped dinner rolls — I love foods with theme shapes — but I quickly moved on to look at her main dish recipes. She had me at mini chicken pot pies and then the creative pesto chicken tear and share. Autumn’s experience with crafting really comes through in her food content. Food becomes fun for kids and adults alike.

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I hope these blogs give you some inspiration for a warm and comfy fall season.   

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