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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and a handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. We’re getting in the Halloween spirit and giving a shoutout to some scary movie blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Scary Movie Blogs We Love -

My husband and I are in the middle of our second annual scary movie month; we’re watching 31 spooky movies during October.

Since we alternate movie picks, I decided to check out a few scary movie blogs to help me make my choices.

These are a few that stood out (and gave me goosebumps).

Horror Homeroom

This blog immediately drew my eye because it has a great section of top movie lists, exactly what I needed to help me decide on my movie picks.

But the blog also goes deeper and has a great collection of movie reviews and features about why the writers love the horror genre and why it’s worth examining.

I found the post “October: 31 Days, 31 Horror Movies From All Over The World” especially helpful. Writer Isabella Capuselli writes, “Every country and every culture has unique approaches and unique stories to tell through horror, and we’re missing out if we’re not opening ourselves up to them.” I found more than a few movies on this list that I’ll definitely be watching at some point.

I’d also recommend reading “Is The Invisible Man What It Seems?” for a unique take on this recent remake – one we actually watched earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed. But be warned, there are major spoilers in this post!

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Credit: @horrorhomeroom on Instagram

Nightmare Nostalgia

If you’re a sucker for older horror films and are “ready to feel the retro fuzzies,” I highly recommend checking out Nightmare Nostalgia. Blogger Patti Pauley has always leaned toward the genre, even in childhood. On the blog’s Welcome page, she talks about “the strange looks I would get when I suggested A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 for the Pretty, Pretty Princess sleepover.”

The blog is full of unique categories to keep you interested, including movie lists, reviews, and news.

Creature features are a go-to in our house (The Thing, Cloverfield, A Quiet Place, etc.) so my eye was caught right away by the post “Creature Features: The Beautiful Practical Effects Of 1988’s ‘The Blob’”. Give me practical effects any day over excessive CGI.

I’d also recommend checking out “Happy Dirty 30! The 10 Best Horror Films From 1990.” Who knew that 1990 was such a big year for scary movies? As Patti says, “If we’re gonna celebrate anything in 2020, it might as well be things from the past that live on to keep us from losing our minds!”

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Credit: @nightmarenostalgia on Instagram

Daily Dead

Some of my favorite horror movies are zombie films, so I was immediately drawn to this blog by its name. But despite the name, the blog still covers the full horror genre with movie guides, interviews, set visits, and more.

After reading “Nightstream 2020 Review: THE NIGHT Reminds Us That Hotels Are Terrifying Places,” I’ll probably be adding this movie to my watch list. The author sets up this hotel ghost story well without any spoilers and says, “…it’s easy to find yourself in the same headspace as these characters: frightened, confused, and with no idea how the situation will resolve.”

I’d also recommend checking out Corpse Club, the site’s dedicated podcast. With +150 episodes covering the latest in horror entertainment, you’re bound to find an episode that piques your interest.

I recently listened to Episode 164 – We Play “Choose Between Two Horror Movies” – and had a blast listening to the hosts debate between movie pairings like The Shining and Creepshow, Deep Blue Sea and Anaconda, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Black Christmas, and The Thing and The Fly.

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Dread Central

Dread Central is a great site to check out for the latest in horror entertainment – whether it’s movies, TV, or video games. The site is updated regularly with scary movie releases, first looks, and reviews.

I enjoyed reading “My 3 Favorite Shyamalan Films (That Most People Hate),” even though I fall firmly into the “hate” category for the films on the list. Writer Marcos Codas explains, “If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, for some reason, this beholder finds a lot of beauty in what other people consider to be utter garbage.”

HOOKED ON HORROR: 10 Films That Shaped Jerry Smith” is another fun read that introduced me to a few films I hadn’t known about.

Dread Central also has several podcasts dedicated to the horror genre if you prefer to get your spooky content via audio.

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Need more horror news and features? Check out these other scary movie blogs that we recognized last year.

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