4 Horror Movie Blogs to Visit During Spooky Season (and Beyond)

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My husband and recently kicked off our fourth annual horror movie month; we’re watching 31 spooky movies during October.

We made a rule that we can’t repeat a movie for five years, so I’m always in search of a new scary movie recommendation. These horror movie blogs offer plenty of must-watch films that span the genre.

Even if you aren’t doing a full month of horror movies and just want a few spooky recommendations as Halloween approaches, these horror movie blogs are a great resource.

1. Horror Homeroom

This blog immediately drew my eye because it has a great section of top movie lists, exactly what I needed to help me decide on my movie picks.

But the blog also goes deeper and has a great collection of movie reviews and features about why the writers love the horror genre and why it’s worth examining. A recent post calls for commentary on the found footage subgenre, one of my husband’s go-to themes. “The subgenre of found footage horror seems to encapsulate a terror that is both commonplace and elusive,” the post says. I’ll be interested to see what articles come of this.

And if, like us, “28 Days Later” is one of your favorites, check out another recent post about how Danny Boyle’s decision to use digital video cameras was used to “further peel away layers of realism, lining the visuals with the same feeling of a half-grasped dream.”

If you prefer to get your spooky content via audio, make sure to check out the Horror Homeroom Conversations podcast, which recently started posting some new episodes.

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2. Nightmare Nostalgia

If you’re a sucker for classic and cult horror films or just ones from your childhood and are “ready to feel the retro fuzzies,” I highly recommend checking out Nightmare Nostalgia. Blogger Patti Pauley has always leaned toward the genre, even in childhood. On the blog’s Welcome page, she talks about “the strange looks I would get when I suggested A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 for the Pretty, Pretty Princess sleepover.”

The blog is full of unique categories to keep you interested, including movie lists, reviews, and news. There’s even a section for nostalgic eats.

Check out these great posts:

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3. Daily Dead

Some of my favorite horror movies are zombie films, so I was immediately drawn to this blog because of its name. But despite the name, the blog covers the full horror genre with movie guides, interviews, set visits, and more.

I’d also recommend checking out Corpse Club, the site’s podcast. With +200 episodes covering the latest in horror entertainment, you’re bound to find an episode that piques your interest. Recent episodes discuss “Barbarian,” the new “Hellraiser” reboot, “Prey,” and more.

Here are a few recent posts that caught my eye:

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4. Dread Central

Dread Central is a great site to check out for the latest in horror entertainment – whether it’s movies, TV, or video games. The site is updated regularly with scary movie releases, first looks, and reviews.

Dread Central also has several podcasts dedicated to the horror genre if you prefer to get your spooky content via your headphones.

Check out these posts:

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Need more horror news and features? Check out these other scary movie blogs that we recognized in 2019.

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