5 Sites to Visit for Winter Travel and Road Trip Inspiration

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. These are sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena. In case you’ve missed some, you can find them here. Like many people, we’re feeling cooped up, so this edition is focused on winter travel and road trips. If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

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This is not the best year to travel. If you’re American, you are essentially barred from entering many other countries due to the global pandemic. It’s important to stay safe and socially distant. With that said, traveling is still one of my favorite things to do, as it’s crucially impacted who I am as a person.

So to avoid the blues of having to cancel my trips to international destinations this year, I’ve been exploring my world closer to home. It certainly has been different and consisted of hours of driving, but it has completely changed how I look at the Southwest.

We’ve compiled a list of websites that serve as resources for road tripping and getting outdoors during the winter months or any time of year for that matter.

1. Backpacker

Backpaker Magazine is a great resource for anyone who wants to get out and about on the regular. It is a well-established publication that gives advice, opinions, and great deals on tools or items that will help you become an expert backpacker or camper.

This publication is great for backpackers of any skill level. It’s also a reliable site for those who have an outdoorsy friend or family member but don’t know what gifts to get them.

I personally enjoy the Stories section as it provides a diverse look at getting outdoors from people of all backgrounds – and I love seeing this representation of people of color in the outdoor sporting arena.

Stories to read right now: Get Above It in Tennessee’s Big Frog Wilderness; and State Parks Are in Danger of Becoming Victims of 2020.

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2. Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA is a great site for those who like to travel and want to get out on a budget. The tradition of road tripping is one of the most American activities out there. 

If you don’t think there are many options for road trips near you, Road Trip USA is the site to visit. There are tips, tricks, and endless lists of ideas. 

One of my favorite things to do is pile my kids into the car and drive. I’ve even flown to other countries and done road trips there. There’s something different about driving in another country or state and really getting to see the landscapes. If you need to get out of town this winter, remember to keep socially distant and bookmark Road Trip USA as a source for ideas.

Stories to read right now: Best Coastal Drives; and One Day In Independence, Missouri.

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3. Wildland Trekking

Wildland Trekking is an amazing resource for beginners who want to step up their hiking and outdoor game but want a guide. As I’ve started traveling, going to international destinations with my hiking boots has become one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

This site provides tours in beautiful destinations in the U.S. and abroad that will help you get outside your comfort zone.

Trying something new can be scary, but any time I get out of my comfort zone, I’m never let down. The world is a beautiful place with wonderful landscapes. Wildland Trekking will help anyone at any level try something new.

Stories to read right now: 5 Tips for Camping in the Snow; and 19 Winter Trails You Can Hike Without Snowshoes.

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4. VisitTheUSA.com

The Visit The USA site is a good site to follow for ways to get out with your family. It sounds like something for international tourists, but the site is actually a wonderful way to rediscover your own state or region of the U.S.

The website highlights everything from locations to visit to specific routes to take so you can explore wide-open spaces.

My favorite part of the site is the Experiences section, which guides readers to destinations based on what they want to experience. If you want to better understand Native American culture, for example, you can get an in-depth list of places to truly grasp what the Native experience is.

Stories to read right now: Pacific Northwest; and Southern Utah’s National Parks and Small Towns.

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5. The Dyrt Magazine

The Dyrt Magazine has writers and contributors detailing lists of the best places to visit, explore, and experience from the perspective of people who know. It focuses on camping and gives you insight into places you didn’t even know were possible.

The lifestyle portion of the site is a great place to find activities to do and meals to prepare while camping. Outdoor cooking is a whole other level of cooking. The resources on The Dyrt Magazine site will guide you down the right path to impress all your friends on your next camping trip.

Stories to read right now: 8 Winter Tent Camping Tips For Staying Warm; and Camping & Covid-19: What Campgrounds Are Open?

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