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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and a handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. As the new year approaches, we’re focusing on motivational blogs in our latest post. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Motivational Blogs We Love -

The year is coming to an end and that means it’s time for many of us to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But I realize that the end of the year itself may not be enough to motivate everyone.

Understandably, many of us are completely drained and will need an extra push to get going in the new year. If you need some help getting motivated, check out these blogs.

1. Addicted 2 Success

If you’re needing some motivation specifically for meeting your work and career goals, check out Addicted to Success. This popular blog was created in 2011 by Australian entrepreneur, blogger, coach and author Joel Brown.

The site is full of motivational videos, interviews, podcasts and more, so you can get a boost in whichever format works best for you. And if all you need to get going is a motivational quote, Addicted 2 Success has plenty of great quote lists.

I recommend reading:

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2. Pick the Brain

Founded in 2006, Pick the Brain is a great site covering self-improvement topics like productivity, motivation, self-education, psychology and philosophy. Blog runner and author of How to Get Sh*t Done Erin Falconer explains, “Any information that people can use to live more prosperous, satisfying lives is a potential article.”

If you’re a podcast lover, I’d recommend checking out the Pick the Brain podcast. Most episodes are around 20 minutes, so you don’t have to commit a ton of time to listen.

Check out these posts:

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3. Tiny Buddha

If you’re looking for more of a zen vibe with your motivational content, check out Tiny Buddha. This popular site provides “simple wisdom for complex lives.” Although some of the tips and insights have roots in Buddhism, it’s not a site about religion.

Some of the blog topics include Change & Challenges, Healthy Habits, and Mindfulness & Peace. If you want real-time advice, check out the very active community forum. And if you’re in search of the perfect inspirational quote to share on your social pages, bookmark the Fun & Inspiring section.

I enjoyed reading these posts:

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Credit: @tinybuddhaofficial on Instagram

4. Fearless Motivation

If motivational speeches and music are what you need to get pumped up, I highly recommend visiting the Fearless Motivation blog. The speeches and playlists are also available on apps including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Posts also include interviews, inspirational quotes, and lots of workout and fitness motivation.

I also listened to a few of the Sounds of Power compilations of background music while working on a project. The instrumentals aren’t distracting and do really make a nice soundtrack if you’re trying to focus, whether it be on work or a workout. Check out the library of motivation speeches, covering everything from following your dreams to making a comeback and being your own biggest fan.

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Credit: @fearlessmotivationofficial on Instagram

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