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Christmas Blogs We Love -

My housemates and I started celebrating and decorating for Christmas on November 15th this year and I’m not going to lie; starting celebrations that early while still being quarantined has made December feel like it’s been 30 years long.

Since Christmas is coming up this Friday, I’m looking into some Christmas blogs to try to bring back the Christmas spirit and not just get sucked up in the December trudge.

1. Christmas Underground

There is nothing that I love more than hunting down weird music and discovering cult bands. If I could choose a Christmas blog that perfectly described what I look for in my life, it would probably be Christmas Underground. As the blog creator explains, “I’m not looking for Christmas standards or mainstream musicians.”

The blog follows an easy-to-understand rating system, and updates pretty regularly, with Christmas reviews ongoing all year. One thing I like is that it has a format dividing system, so if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas vinyl to play, you can find it.

Posts I loved: Stephan & Johnny “Too Broke for Presents” (2016); and The BV’s “I Hope There’s No Snow” (2020).

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2. Mystic Christmas Blog

I was immediately drawn to this blog because of the supernatural element. Mystic Christmas is a sub-blog of Mystic Investigations, a blog that deals with all things supernatural. Mystic Christmas doesn’t just deal with the supernatural aspects of Christmas, however.

Many of the posts delve into the history behind certain Christmas traditions and discuss topics that you may have wondered about but were too afraid to ask (such as “How old is Mrs. Claus?”). It also has different tabs that you can visit if you want to do a little shopping for Christmas decorations.

Posts I enjoyed: How Old Is Mrs. Claus?; and Dark Christmas Krampus Warning!

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3. All Things Christmas

Run by Chantelle Joy and her daughter Lydia, All Things Christmas is a year-round Christmas blog that is kind of a catch-all – it covers recipes, entertainment, decorations, activities, history, and more.

One thing that makes this interesting is the active community that surrounds the site. Chantelle herself came to be the site administrator after being an active member on the forum, which boasts more than 1,000 members and 52,000 posts.

Posts I liked: Christmas Movies that you (probably) haven’t seen yet; and Easy Christmas Décor Ideas for College students.

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screenshot of @thingschristmaspage on Instagram

Credit: @thingschristmaspage on Instagram

4. Christmas Past

Christmas Past is a podcast run by Brian Earl focusing on the history and traditions of Christmas. The blog, however, covers so much more, including quizzes and crafting activities that they’ve created for visitors.

One of the things I like about this blog is that, similar to all the other Christmas blogs I love, it seems to uncover some really bizarre hidden information that isn’t typically spoken about. They’re also pretty active on Youtube, so if you prefer to listen to any bite-sized information bombs, check them out!

Posts I loved: That time Jon Bon Jovi recorded a Christmas song about R2-D2; and 5 French Christmas traditions you’ve never heard of.

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