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Action Figure Blogs We Love -

My housemate is a huge collector of action figures. The space between our kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is filled with action figure boxes and we have a giant stand-up cabinet case showing them off. He runs an Instagram account where he poses and photographs the figures, he fixes the paint where the manufacturer has messed up, and he even sells the ones he no longer needs on eBay.

Aside from owning, maybe, two anime statues, I know nothing about action figures. These blogs, however, are full of action figure expertise and deserve a read.

1. The Fwoosh

According to my housemate, “Fwoosh is the best because it actually does a literal vlog.”

The Fwoosh is one of the more popular action figure websites, run by an entire team and editorial board that provide content and action figure updates across a number of different platforms (such as YouTube). It has a highly active community, which you can see from its Discord alone.

Most of the content consists of news-oriented announcements about upcoming releases.

Posts I loved: Hasbro: Dungeons & Dragons Drizzt and Guenhwyvar, and Hasbro: Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy Dominus Criminal Pursuit 2-Pack Review.

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screenshot of @thefwoosh on Instagram

Credit: @thefwoosh on Instagram

2. Toyark

Toyark is similar to The Fwoosh in that it focuses on new releases and news. It’s also one of the more popular action figure websites, which has enabled it to branch off with several other niche news networks (such as TFW2005, which focuses on Transformers).

One thing that I do really enjoy about the website is the photoshoot archive. The backdrops that Toyark uses for the figures and the amount of work that’s put into the effects make them incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

Posts I enjoyed: One:12 Popeye and Bluto Stormy Seas 2 Pack Gallery, Mandarin Spawn – A Look at the OG 1999 and 2021 Versions.

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screenshot of @toyark on Instagram

Credit: @toyark on Instagram

3. D Amazing

Blogger Darais came as a special recommendation from my housemate. My housemate is big into both YouTube and podcasts, and Darais has a stronghold on both of those areas. He also covers figures outside of comic books and Star Wars (i.e. anime) and I have an appreciation for that.

His blog is a little more barebones than a lot of the others, but he regularly updates his YouTube channel, and with his content consisting more of photography-focused reviews, that makes sense! Also, pretty cool that he closes his videos with a Persona song.

Videos I liked: Snowman Studio HK Weapon Set B For Marvel Legends Venom, and Mezco One:12 Collective PX Exclusive Hellboy 2019 Review.

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screenshot of @d__amazing on Instagram

Credit: @d__amazing on Instagram

4. Toy News International

Toy News International was also a special recommendation from my housemate, but I included it because Sam Porter Bridges was the first thing I saw on the home screen and I am a big Death Stranding fan (controversial, maybe). Run by Jay C, it also has a stronghold on the YouTube community, providing regular updates with some live streams. The community is incredibly active with a forum as well.

Like Darais, Toy News branches out a little more from the standard comic book action figures, with WWE and video game action figures also sharing the spotlight. It covers some general entertainment news as well.

My favorite posts: FOX To Develop Animated Series Based On Hasbro’s Iconic Board Game, ‘Clue’, and Classic Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster 7” Figure Official Images From NECA.

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