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Furniture Restoration Blogs We Love -

Over the course of the pandemic, some of the crafty hobbies I took up included completing very large paint-by-numbers (tedious) and making coasters and bookmarks from resin (expensive). But now I’m looking for a new project and decided to restore a piece of furniture.

While my husband is talented enough to build furniture from scratch, I’m not quite there. I’m more inclined to find an existing piece and give it a new life.

To get some inspiration, I decided to look into furniture restoration blogs. These are a few that stood out.

1. Salvaged Inspirations

Blogger Denise started this site in 2013 and has since posted more than 200 tutorials for painting furniture.

Her posts cover a range of styles, including stencils, distressing, spray paint, staining, and more. If I end up getting hooked on repurposing furniture, this blog will be a great resource. Many of Denise’s DIY projects also include a video, so make sure to also check out her YouTube channel to watch her upcycling process.

Almost all furniture flips require some sanding, and it gets messy quick. A recent post offers a helpful (and cheap) way to make any sander a dustless one. And if you’re feeling crafty but don’t know what project to take on, these 15 DIY paint projects can give you some inspiration.

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Furniture Restoration Blogs: Screenshot of @salvaged_inspirations on Instagram

Credit: @salvaged_inspirations on Instagram

2. Furniture Flipping Teacher

This vlog is run by Lauren, a full-time kindergarten teacher who has a (very successful) furniture flipping side hustle. Her videos document her journey to using her furniture restoration work to pay off her student loan debts.

Lauren’s 2021 goals were to pay off her student loans ($25,400), help five other teachers with their own debts, and flip 125 pieces of furniture. By April, she’d already paid off her own debts! Her videos are very helpful for anyone looking to get started with flipping furniture. She offers tips on what to look for at thrift stores, what products to buy, how to stage the pieces for a quick sell, and more.

Check out these videos:

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Furniture Restoration Blogs - screenshot of @furnitureflippingteacher on Instagram

Credit: @furnitureflippingteacher on Instagram

3. My Repurposed Life

This blog documents Gail Wilson’s passion for transforming old items into new and fabulous ones. Wilson is a former teacher who started this blog in 2009. “I am not sure whether I work on projects so that I can blog, or if I blog so I can work on my many projects,” she says.

Search the Project Index and filter content by categories including Dollar Store, kids furniture, reclaimed wood, thrift store makeovers, and more.

Here are a few of her furniture makeovers that caught my eye:

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4. Thirty Eighth Street

This DIY blog is all about repurposing and refinishing furniture. It’s a wealth of information for anyone looking to flip pieces for their home or for resale.

In addition to furniture restoration tutorials, visitors can search content by specific types of furniture (mirrors, hutches, tables, etc.) or painting techniques (distressing, layering, etc.). And I immediately downloaded the furniture painting guidebook, which is full of helpful tips and tricks.

The blog hasn’t had a new post in several months, but I’m including it in the list because it’s such a great evergreen resource for anyone looking to flip furniture.

Chalk paint is easy to use and adheres to most surfaces (without needing to sand), so I’m using this dresser before-and-after post as inspiration. Chalk paint works great for getting a rustic furniture look, and the blog has a great how-to guide for getting the perfect rustic furniture look.

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