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From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some of these, you can find them here. These are sites entertainment news sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena.  If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

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Entertainment is a quick-moving, sometimes unpredictable industry, so keeping up with the latest news can seem overwhelming.

Entertainment news is more than just celebrity gossip, although that’s definitely part of it. Journalists for this beat know that it’s not for the faint of heart. They must be aggressive and focus on the minute details so that pop culture fans can get their daily fix.

Luckily, there are many news sites that not only stay up to date on real-time news, but also provide artist interviews, new release reviews, and more. And since the pandemic, many of us have upped the time we spend binging new shows, listening to podcasts, and signing up for all the streaming services – so the audience for entertainment news is a big one.

Here are some of our favorite sites that are sure to keep you in the know with entertainment and music news.

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1. The A.V. Club

“Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.” This pretty much sums it up. The A.V. Club is published by G/O Media and provides entertainment news, interviews, and features. There’s a great selection of in-depth profiles on movies, TV, and music you may not have heard of yet.

The site is also just plain fun to explore.

Plan to stay here for a while because you’ll also get sucked in by A.V.’s sister sites like Deadspin (sports), Gizmodo (tech), and The Takeout (food), all accessible from the bar at the top of the page.

A.V. Club’s recommendations posts are some of my favorites. The “Watch This” posts provide regular movie recommendations, usually more nostalgic films that are inspired by new releases or premieres. And check out the AUX section for the latest on podcasts, books, and comics.

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2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is all music, all the time. Its model is unique because, in addition to the interviews, features, and “Album of the Day” posts, the site also has a streaming option and merchandise for fans so they can support their favorite artists right from the site.

The “Discover” section can be used to find new music filtered by location, format, genre, and even release date. The site also makes it convenient to listen to artists’ tracks by embedding a play bar in most articles.

According to the Bandcamp site, the company’s mission is “to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.”

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3. Deadline Hollywood

Deadline is a trade publication covering the latest entertainment industry news – from box office results to upcoming projects, union news, castings, and more.

The site has been covering the entertainment industry since 2006 and claims to get more reader comments on its stories than all other entertainment news sites combined. It also includes sections on International news, film festivals, and the latest awards nominees and winners.

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4. Heavy

New York-based Heavy.com has been around longer than most people think – it was founded in 1999. The company also owns Ahoramismo.com, a Spanish-language news and information portal.

Heavy became well-known for its “5 Fast Facts” articles. These posts aggregate key points about trending news and topics, making them a good source to get the news quickly.

If you’re looking to watch the latest episode of a show online, Heavy also provides details on where to find it. Heavy.com can be relied on to provide timely, straightforward news from the entertainment industry.

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5. IndieWire

IndieWire began in July 1996 as an online chat room and has grown to a respected news outlet covering the business and art of entertainment.

The site has regular updates on the latest films, TV shows, podcasts, and award predictions. Check out the IndieWire Influencers series to read profiles about the innovators, creators, and filmmakers shaping how the best films and television series get made. The latest series focuses on creators of nonfiction.

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6. Pitchfork

Pitchfork is an online magazine that we’ve recognized before, and it’s still deserving of a spot on the list. Founded in 1996, Pitchfork is called the most trusted voice in music and stages the popular Pitchfork Music Festival, with events in Chicago, London, Paris, and Berlin.

The site has daily coverage of indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, metal, and experimental music. There’s a huge selection of thoughtful album and track reviews, as well as the ability to search for an artist and pull all their relevant news and reviews.

Search the Lists & Guides section for some interesting listicles and rankings, like the “The 45 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2021.”

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7. Rolling Stone

No music and entertainment list would be complete without the iconic Rolling Stone. The biweekly magazine has been around since 1967. The publication has a long legacy as a beloved magazine, and it’s also appeared in one of our previous posts.

In addition to the trusted Rolling Stone reviews and recommendations for music, movies, and TV, you can also find a mix of politics, sports, and culture news.

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8. Upworthy

Upworthy has a unique mission to change what the world pays attention to and deliver “stories that are worth your time – and that make the world a better place.”

Started in 2012, Upworthy is usually credited with popularizing the heavily emotional, must-click headline style. Over the last few years, the site has moved toward creating more original articles and videos. In addition to entertainment news, you also can find stories on travel, food, beauty, and scientific discoveries.

The site offers entertainment news that’s uplifting and aims to bring readers together. It can be a breath of fresh air, especially these days, to read stories that just make you feel good.

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9. Variety

Variety is a weekly entertainment trade magazine that’s been around since 1905. Industry professionals trust Variety for its news, film reviews, box office results, business analyses, and more.

If you want to know which actor was cast in an upcoming film, read an album review for your favorite band, or check which TV show had the highest ratings last night, this is the place for you.

Another unique feature on the site, the Pilot Scorecard has up-to-the-minute listings of pilot and series orders, and you can filter by the network, genre, and status (series pick up, terminated pilot, etc.).

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10. Vibe

Founded by music industry legend Quincy Jones, Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine that caters to a diverse audience and celebrates Black culture.

Vibe is considered hip-hop and R&B’s premier publication and cultural hub. There’s a large focus on music and in addition to album and song reviews, writers also review live performances.

Features include interviews with up-and-coming artists, actors, and music video directors, to name a few.

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11. Vulture

Vulture is New York Media’s culture and entertainment site. The site is described as “the go-to entertainment news site for the culturally obsessed.”

In the TV section, Vulture has a great feature that allows you to select from some of the most popular shows on television and it will show you all the news for that program, including episode recaps, scheduling, and cast details.

Vulture’s music reporting includes music charts updates, looks at new music videos, and more. And for the listicle lovers, there’s a whole section for that. The site also covers books, theater, art, and podcasts.

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