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Last year, the holidays were particularly difficult for me because I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s just before Christmas. She was an amazing, influential singer who was passionate about music and her faith. She’s my musical inspiration, as I grew up singing with her 24/7. If I asked my grandmother for some sugar, for example, she would respond with, “Sugar, Oh, honey, honey, You are my candy girl…”

Singing helps lift my spirits and I always feel less stressed after belting it out. I believe that’s why so many of us celebrate the holidays with singing and caroling – it brings us joy. We all need a little release these days. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become a better singer, this one’s for you.

1. That Sweet Roar

Kim is the founder of That Sweet Roar and she’s passionate about helping other singers improve their skills. As a young woman learning to sing, she was not always given clear, understandable instructions by her instructors. She aims to change the confusing cycle of not knowing what instructions to follow so that we can all have better confidence in our singing abilities.

It’s clear that Kim is more than just a great singer and coach; she’s also a mentor for self-expression and embodiment.

I recommend reading these posts: What You Need to Know about Eliminating Tension or Fear When You Sing; Why You Should Question Everything You Know About Singing; and Why Can’t I Belt Without Squeezing, Tension or Strain?

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Credit: @bykimberleysmith on Instagram

2. Judy Rodman – All Things Vocal Blog

Judy Rodman is a vocal consultant, award-winning vocal coach, and public speaker. She holds many other influential roles and is highly skilled and experienced in each of them.

Judy takes a multimedia approach on her blog that stands out from the rest. She regularly features in-depth interviews with singers and vocal coaches from all over the world. Her podcasts also provide a lot of good professional insight on vocal training.

You can gain some good insight from these posts: What’s Wrong With Your Vocal Warm-up? 4 Possibilities – UPDATED 2021; Interview With Wendy Parr – Artist Development Maverick; and Deep Dive Into Performance Anxiety & Mindset – With Ingela Onstad of Courageous Artistry.

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Credit: @judyrodman on Instagram

3. Fearless Singer

The Fearless Singer blog is another excellent resource. Founded by Australian singer, songwriter, and coach Mel Lathouras, this blog is filled with incredible musical inspiration. Mel’s vision is to help you feel more creative and connected in your endeavor to become a great singer. Like myself, Mel grew up with music blasting from her family’s stereo quite often. Her positive, vibrant, and uplifting vibe is what we all need in 2022.

Did I mention Mel is in an all-girls jazz band called Yas Queen? Yas please!

Check out these posts: Two Fears That Can Stop You From Singing; How Amy Winehouse Changed My Life + Fearless Singer Jazz Club; and Thank You For A Great 2021 And The Fearless Singer Vision For 2022.

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Credit: @mellathouras on Instagram

4. Singing Success

Created by Brett Manning Studios, this blog features a team of strong singers who offer a wide range of vocal tips. Brett Manning is highly experienced and has worked with singers like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Keith Urban, to name a few.

There’s a noticeable theme of professional support that transpires throughout the blog that makes you feel more confident. Post categories include The Singing Success Show, vocal health, vocal style, vocal technique, and vocal tips.

Improve your singing with these posts: Six Steps to Increase Your Vocal Range; Top 5 Vocal Warm-up Mistakes; Does My Voice Sound Good When I Sing?

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Credit: @singingsuccess on Instagram

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