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Dental Care Blogs We Love -

Everyone’s health has been impacted by the pandemic in some way or another. Before COVID-19, dental care routines weren’t considered a challenge or high-risk but I postponed my regular teeth cleaning for the entire year of 2020 and I didn’t get my routine “prophy” until early 2021. But let’s not blame it all on the pandemic. Even before COVID-19 took over our lives, it’s likely that many people hadn’t been to the dentist in years.

Dentistry is one of many industries greatly impacted by COVID-19. Thankfully, there are plenty of dental care sites that you can utilize to learn more about your oral health and get back on track.

These three dental care blogs are worth exploring to improve your dental health.

1. Ask the Dentist

Dr. Mark Burhenne, better known as “Dr. B,” started blogging way back in 2009. Dr. B’s helpful posts cover dental hygiene, sleep, nutrition, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, conditions and procedures. He also has a podcast, which is just as informative as the blog and perhaps even more engaging.

Like a lot of other non-medical professionals, I tend to forget how much every organ is connected to each other in the body. Dr. B recognizes the interconnections of the human body and he offers insightful advice that’s easily understood.

Check out these blog posts and podcasts: How Deep Is The Connection Between Gum Disease And COVID-19 Complications?; Bruxism (Teeth Grinding): Types, Causes, and Treatments; and Should You Trust TikTok Dental Advice?

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Credit: @askthedentist on Instagram

2. Armine Nazarian, DMD, Inc.

Dr. Armine Nazarian is a dental professional and the owner of a family and cosmetic dentistry practice in Beverly Hills, California. Her blog focuses on current events and news in the dentistry world.

Like Dr. B, Dr. Nazarian offers effective educational and informational posts on various topics in dental care. Her posts will interest and inspire you to dedicate more time and attention to your dental routines.

Gain more knowledge with these posts: 10 Dental New Year’s Resolutions; How To Maintain Children’s Oral Health; and How To Prevent Bad Breath.

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Credit: on Instagram

3. Oral Health Foundation

The Oral Health Foundation’s blog has a simple design and the writers provide a sense of comfortability in their content. Operating as a charity organization, the Oral Health Foundation aims to improve dental health and provide guidance and education to as many people as possible. The team provides relatable, approachable advice on how you can improve your oral health.

Check out these posts: Caring for our oral health (and the environment too); Returning to dental visits after lockdown; Cleaning between teeth: the secret behind a truly healthy smile.

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Dental care blogs we love - screenshot of @oralhealthfoundation on Instagram

Credit: @oralhealthfoundation on Instagram

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