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Forest Blogs We Love -

I’ve been going on hikes lately and I’ve been thinking a lot about the desert environment surrounding me.

The graveyard of juniper and pine trees at the top of my favorite trail in the Cibola National Forest reveals a bleak outlook on the future of the forest. The long-term effects of the drought in the Southwest is becoming clear, and as spring sets in, I can’t help but contemplate how climate change is affecting the future of the local ecosystem.

Arbor Day is around the corner and now more than ever, I’m inspired to help increase the presence of trees and vegetation in my city. I’d like to highlight the following forest blogs for their environmental optimism, proactive environmental awareness, education and inspiration.

1. National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation’s mission is to “bring people together to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands.” As a nonprofit leader in forest conservation chartered by Congress, the foundation promotes responsible recreation among Americans who want to enjoy the National Forest System. The blog includes topics on unity, restoration, engagement, sustainability and adding value.

Posts I enjoyed reading: Top Ten Tree Species We Plant on National Forests; Why Reforestation: Regenerating Our National Forests; and Five Quick Facts about Tree Planting.

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2. American Forest Foundation

Formed in 1981, the American Forest Foundation is a nonprofit aimed at bringing awareness to forest education, conservation and wildlife protection. It focuses on growing trees as a crop and the management of family forests to benefit communities and conservation throughout the U.S. You’ll find charitable stories, educational resources and current conservation events on the American Forest Foundation blog.

Posts I liked: Strength, Diversity & Welcoming Women into the Forest Sector; A Dedication to Conservation; and The Future Is Now.

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3. WWF Global Forest Practice

The WWF Global Forest Practice blog is an archive of forest-focused blog posts, stories and videos. The blog discusses global conservation, protection of forests globally and sustainability. There’s a wide variety of information on deforestation and forest degradation, which WWF understands are critical threats to the well-being of our planet, wildlife and people.

Check out these posts: Time for action on forests; Five ideas for unlocking and improving finance for forests; and Forests & Climate: We Need to do Much, Much More.

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Credit: @wwf on Twitter

4. Sustainable Forestry Initiative

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a nonprofit organization with a mission “to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaboration.” This sustainability leader provides an inspirational and hopeful tone on the future of sustainable forests. The organization works with a diverse community of conservation groups, brand owners, landowners and Indigenous Peoples to help build a future of successful symbiotic relationships.

Here are my favorite posts: Celebrating The Contributions Of Black Americans In Conservation; Women And Girls In Science Advocate For Community Greening And Climate Action; and Conserving Birds On A Continental Scale With Sustainable Forest Management.

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