4 Wine Blogs to Say “Cheers” to This Spring

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‘Tis the season for spring showers, May flowers and a glass of pinot noir! If you’re like me, you’ve already broken out the spring cheese charcuterie boards and enjoyed a glass of the season’s latest chardonnay.

For wine lovers, spring is the best time of year to get your hands on the newest wine releases as well as the time to indulge in the first fruits of the prior year’s vintage.

The season for wine is only just beginning, so in the spirit of spring and for wine lovers everywhere, I’ve highlighted some of the best wine blogs you can’t miss.

1. Wine Explorers

Wine Explorers is a great blog for anyone who wants to expand their palate for wine around the globe. This team of wine lovers takes you on an adventure to explore and learn about wine in various wine-producing regions. They’ve visited 974 wineries and have tasted 10,212 wines in 88 countries.

This cultured team of wine explorers has created a space for wine lovers to learn about the diversity of wine, its heritage, regional history, culture and terroir. The blog takes you on a journey filled with beautiful photos of their travels and has video-rich content of their discoveries. This team really knows their wine and they’ve poured their passion and love for wine into a source of education and adventure.

And the best part is you can even order some of these wines for yourself directly from the site!

Check out: Norway, the northernmost vineyard and Women and wine: the story of a wine epic.

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2. Winemusing

This blog is great for anyone who’s new to the world of wine. Winemusing hosts online wine courses and tasting sessions where you can learn the basics of wine. You can also attend an in-person tasting session if you live in the London area. (Yes, I said it, IN-PERSON. Let’s toast to that!)

This blog is bursting with inspiring content, from wine features to wine travel tips and wine pairings. I loved this fun read that really brings out the personality of the blog under the “Conversations About” section: It’s Here! Devilish wine to drink while watching Lucifer on Netflix!

If you love inspiring travel content, you’ll enjoy this quick read: English Wine Cellar Doors that need to be on your Itinerary! I’d also recommend reading Natural wines – 5 wines that you should be drinking.

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Credit: @thewinemuse on Instagram

The next two wine blogs are ones we’ve recognized before. They continue to produce standout wine content, so we wanted to give them another shoutout.

3. VinePair

VinePair shares all the best tips for wine pairing, but it’s not limited to just wine content. You can find some great tips, reviews, recipes and pairing blogs on beer, spirits, coffee and even cheese!

You’ll find VinePair to be entertaining, educational and inspiring – and I’ve had some “aha moments” reading through some of the columns. Check out: Should I Store my Wine Glasses Upsidedown?

If you’re a podcast lover, you’ll love this VinePair episode: How Prosecco Conquered Sparkling Wine.

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4. Vinography

Vinography is one of the more well-known wine blogs and it continues to be a relevant and go-to source for wine lovers all around. Creator and editor Alder Yarrow turned his passion for wine into a successful blog back in 2004, and since then the blog has evolved into one of the most influential blogs for all things wine.

You’ll find some great quick reads under the “Ramblings and Rants” section. Check out AI and Wine.

Some of my favorite reads are the wine reviews because Yarrow does a phenomenal job painting a picture of the terroirs and vineyards and educating his readers on the history of the wine regions. The reviews bring to life his tasting experiences and his writings have a sense of beauty and adventure. Check out A Mighty Melange: The Custoza Wines of Lake Garda.

Don’t forget to “Flip through the world of wine” on Alder’s Flipboard where he’s created a space for some of the best-curated wine content.

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