4 Mom Vloggers to Start Following This Mother’s Day

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In September, I closed with a note of unwavering gratitude for the women in my life. In May, I’m building off of that sentiment (with two weeks until Mother’s Day) and giving a shoutout to some well-deserving mom-focused vlogs!

With a mix of authenticity, laughter and love, allow me to turn it over to four creators who’ve brought more than fantastic content into this world.

1. Sarah Rae Vargas

Sarah Rae Vargas is a body-positive, plus-size, single mom. It takes but a few clicks to understand her stellar subscriber count. With a humble beginning, Sarah Rae has shared her journey from being broke with two babies (they are only one year apart) to her blossoming into a bold momma beloved by many. Through her main channel and her second one (Sarah Rae Vlogas), Sarah’s amassed a rich following with over 200 million views since starting her YouTube channel in 2012.

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2. HeyKayli

Kayli Butler is a loving mom to four. She’s a modern momma you won’t want to miss! With a passion for life, Kayli has shared an array of content since her channel debuted in 2011. Ranging from fun, upbeat beauty and crafts to her struggles with an eating disorder, her videos have captivated her audience — her channel has more than 100 million views.

Did I mention Kayli is basically royalty? Well, at least in the vlogging space — her family tree looks more like an orchard of Gen one creators!

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3. Candy Aguilar

Candy, the matriarch of the loved Aguilar family channel, is a beacon of strength and a source of levity. She started her family as a teen mom to two girls and went on to meet her husband, adding two boys to the Aguilar bunch. It was [too] soon after that she lost her two-year-old son to Leukemia.  As you’ll see in the clip to follow, she has since thanked her angel, Sebastian, for sending her a princess. She now has kids ranging from one to 20 years old!

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4. Raw Beauty Kristi

Kristi is known for putting it all out there. She emerged in the beauty space and gained popularity as her product reviews remained unfiltered.  Kristi’s honesty, in a vertical saturated with glitz and PR, set her aside from the pack. After her platform skyrocketed as a widely-trusted source in the beauty world, she continued to keep her content real with her followers as her true dream of motherhood came true.

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To close out this roundup, we raise a glass to all the beautiful, brilliant and bold moms! We love you, forever and always.

Until Next Time,


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Cory Max Montoya is a National Account Director focused on Agency Relations. When he’s not empowering PR professionals, he can be found on the trail, down the digital rabbit hole, or with his Niece, who continues to remind him that life is a gift to be celebrated.

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