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Source: PRNewsfoto/ Reveals Inflation is Disrupting Our Budgets and Our Dating Lives

Today (Aug. 24) – part of the Dating Group, the company behind over 30 online dating sites, with offices and dating experts in seven countries – revealed survey findings about the impact rising inflation and economic uncertainty are having on the dating lives of many singles.  In fact, within the past three months, 47% of respondents reported that they have held back on scheduling a date to save money.


Upgraded Points - Most Popular Liquor Type in Every State infographic

Source: PRNewsfoto/Upgraded Points

Upgraded Points Reveals Data Study of the Most Popular Liquors in Every U.S. State, Ranked by Type and Brand

Upgraded Points recently unveiled the results of a fascinating new study on the liquors enjoyed by Americans across the country, broken down and displayed in a series of fully illustrated color maps – state by state, with liquor type and brand – including perennial favorites like Malibu rum, Hennessy cognac, Jose Cuervo tequila, and Crystal Head vodka.  Upgraded Points is a trusted travel company that routinely provides similar studies of interest to both its customers and general travelers.


Delta Dental Tooth Fairy cartoon

Source: PRNewsfoto/Delta Dental

Tooth Fairy Tradition Remains Strong Across the U.S. Finds the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll Released by Delta Dental

According to findings of the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll released by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy visited 79% of homes across the country with children ages 6-12 who have lost teeth.  Most kids are demonstrating patience for the Tooth Fairy’s visit, with more than half of parents (61%) reporting that their child waited for their loose tooth to fall out, unlike 18% of their children that pulled their own tooth!  One in 3 parents agree that the Tooth Fairy is a positive way to instill good oral health habits in their child.


NCSolutions Stress-Flation infographic

Source: PRNewsfoto/NCSolutions

Nearly Half of Americans Feel They Can’t Afford Their Former Lifestyle; Three-Fourths Are Shifting Grocery Purchasing Behaviors, Finds NCSolutions

Nearly half of Americans (45%) feel like they can’t afford their previous lifestyle and 76% of American consumers say their family has changed how they buy food with prices on the rise.  In addition, two-thirds (66%) are more mindful of how they are spending their money.  These findings are part of a new consumer sentiment survey on inflation commissioned by NCSolutions (NCS), the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness.


How Inflation is Impacting Americans' Holiday Shopping Plans - U.S. News & World Report infographic

Source: PRNewsfoto/US News & World Report

U.S. News 360 Reviews Survey Reveals Americans Have Adjusted Spending Due to Inflation, Are Worried About Inflation’s Impact on Holiday Season Ahead

A new national survey from U.S. News & World Report’s 360 Reviews finds four in five Americans (81%) have adjusted their spending due to inflation, and 84% indicate they worry about the impact of inflation on this year’s holiday shopping season.  To better understand the impact of inflation on consumer money-saving and purchasing habits, U.S. News used a third-party survey platform to poll 2,000 U.S. adults.  It asked U.S. respondents about their coupon habits, 2022 holiday shopping plans, and more. Survey responses were weighted in order to be representative of the U.S. population.

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