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Video Game Blogs We Love -

Love them or hate them, video games are here to stay. As a medium, gaming has transcended the dark, noisy chamber of the arcade and become a powerhouse of entertainment worldwide that’s beamed right into your very home.

With an industry that’s constantly growing and pushing the boundaries of what technology can accomplish, here are five video game blogs (in no particular order) to help you navigate the crazy, wild, and ever-growing world that is the gaming market.   

1. Euro Gamer

Starting off this list is the broad shot of the industry, Euro Gamer. EG covers many aspects of the video game industry from tech reviews to insider Q&A panels, facts, and video how-tos. A vibrant and differentiated editorial team offers a wide array of perspectives on current video game news.

If you’re looking to get a broad sense of what is currently happening in the gaming industry, this is a great blog with which to start.

Check out these posts:

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2. That VideoGame Blog

While also a broad stroke of the industry like Euro Gamer, That VideoGame Blog has a more nuanced approach while also focusing on editorials rather than simple press releases that may come from the gaming companies directly. That VideoGame Blog employs several gaming experts to analyze current gaming trends and news and give their thoughts on what is happening in the industry and where things may be going.

If you’re looking for a more opinioned source on video game news, this is a great blog to check out.

Check out these posts:

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3. PlayStation LifeStyle

Gaming has always been fractured, either by which console someone owns or if they play on a PC or even a mobile device. As the name suggests, the PlayStation LifeStyle blog is about all things Sony PlayStation.

Created by fans for the fans, it discusses news purely relevant to the PlayStation platform and never strays from that path. While you won’t get the broadest of opinions from this blog, it is a great way to cut through the proverbial fat if you’re looking for news purely from and about Sony.

Check out these posts:

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4. MMOByte | Mobile Games 

Regardless of your feelings towards it, mobile gaming is here to stay and it’s where a lot of the industry’s money and resources are going. MMOByte’s mobile category focuses purely on the mobile gaming market across both dominant mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

MMOByte also focuses on international releases and games that are first launched in Asia before coming to the west. MMOByte Mobile is a great place to see where the mobile industry is going and what is on the horizon for more western audiences. 

Check out these posts:  

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5. Into Indie Games 

Indie Gaming has taken off in the last decade and is constantly growing. These days, a game can come from just about anywhere with a team as small as one person. Indie games are also where the envelopes of mechanics and storytelling are pushed and where the audience can see clever ideas begin to take root in the industry as a whole.

Into Indie Games focuses on — you guessed it — just the indie game industry. The small group has broken into the industry and offers a wide array of articles, from inviting developers to share their thoughts and experiences to even allowing anyone to submit articles if they feel so bold. Into Indie Games is where you should look for the quiet sleeper games that come roaring out of the woodwork and take the internet by storm.   

Check out these posts:

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