10 Events for Journalists and Bloggers to Round Out 2022

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As we enter the final two months of 2022, we’re hoping journalists and bloggers find themselves with a bit of a lighter schedule. If you have some extra time on your hands, perhaps one of these upcoming events could be just the thing to fill out your calendar.

Upcoming events cover a range of topics useful for writers, including financial management for freelancers, media technology, and a look into how Ukraine’s newsrooms are powering through.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up.

Anytime: Financial Management for Freelancers: A Masterclass

This is a recording of a recent webinar from The Writers’ Co-op. Finance expert Treyton DeVore discusses “advanced financial management strategies for independent workers.” Check out the recording if you’ve got the basics like a budget and invoice system down and are wondering what comes next.

Anytime: Future of Media Technology

This is a series of four webinars from Press Gazette held across 2022. Each session provides “insight into the big themes shaping the future of quality media” and includes data analysis of major themes, panel discussions, and more.

Multiple Dates: Freelancing with Tim

Multiple Dates: Pinners Conference

DIYers can choose from 100+ workshops at these conferences. In addition to crafting, classes will cover “cooking, self-improvement, photography, party planning, scrapbooking, holiday, beauty and fashion, and all sorts of other great things.”

Nov. 9-10: Freedom Business Summit

If you’re a blogger or journalist living a nomadic lifestyle, this is the event for you. The two-day virtual conference will bring together more than 3,000 attendees to “learn the best strategies about getting second citizenship, international investing, freedom sovereign lifestyle and what is working now.”

Nov. 16: How to buoy your freelance business during economic downturns

This hour-long webinar will feature veteran journalist Lee van der Voo and content marketing writer Jennifer Goforth Gregory. They will discuss how they navigated their freelance businesses during the 2008 recession and cover topics like pricing and onboarding new clients.

Nov. 23: Marshalling the troops: How Ukraine’s biggest newsroom stayed afloat in the war

This webinar will be hosted by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University. The speaker will be Sevgil Musaieva, a Ukrainian journalist from Crimea, editor-in-chief of Ukrainian newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda, and recipient of the 2022 International Press Freedom Award. She was also featured in TIME’s Top 100 people of 2022.

Did we miss an event? Email the team and let us know so we can add it to our full list of upcoming events for journalists and bloggers.

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