4 More Gratitude Blogs Perfect for the Season

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. As we approach Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be an ideal time to recognize a few gratitude blogs that we’re thankful for. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

We’ve previously recognized several gratitude blogs that help put everything in perspective. As Thanksgiving nears, and after celebrating Mental Health Day (Oct. 10), we thought it would be a good time to add a few more standout blogs to that list.

These gratitude blogs help readers be thankful for what they have.

1. Gratitude | The Life Blog

This uplifting and colorful gratitude journal features sections for affirmations, well-being, inspirational quotes, grateful living, and more.

Posts are generally quick reads, taking anywhere from one to 10 minutes. It also offers iOS and Android apps to “help you focus on the positive, become more mindful, and live with intention.”

Recommended reads:

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Gratitude blogs - screenshot of @gratfulness.me on Instagram

Credit: @gratfulness.me on Instagram

2. Possibility Change

This blog was launched in 2007 by founder Peter to document his major life changes. It’s since grown into an active community that’s published more than 1,000 stories of personal transformation and growth from over 500 contributors around the world.

In addition to stories about gratitude, readers can find posts on happiness, motivation, self-discovery, forgiveness, and more.

Recommended reads:

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3. Happier

Happier founder Nataly Kogan created her company when she learned the hard way that “Happiness and well-being can never be achieved by anything we do on the outside.” She aims to help readers strengthen their emotional fitness and embrace their “Awesome Human.”

Blog posts on the site offer practical tips and encouragement for living a more joyful life.

Recommended reads:

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4. Gratitude Habitat

Gratitude Habitat was created by life and professional coach Carol Adamski, M.A. “Because of the numerous, powerful effects appreciation has had in my own life, I knew it would have the same positive outcome for others who understood its gifts in daily life. This desire to share the amazing influence of heartfelt gratefulness led to the creation of Gratitude Habitat,” she explains.

In addition to regular blog posts, the site offers an e-course to help readers practice gratitude and a shopping section with gratitude-focused gifts like charms, journals, and more.

Recommended reads:

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Gratitude blogs - screenshot of @gratitudehabitat on Instagram

Credit: @gratitudehabitat on Instagram

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