5 Toy Blogs Perfect for Finding Playtime and Gift Ideas

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. Whether you’re searching for unique gift ideas for the little ones or need playtime options to help develop important skills in children, these toy blogs hit the mark. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at@BeyondBylines. 

Maybe you’re done with your holiday shopping, but if you’re like me, you aren’t even close.

As we get close to wrapping up the holiday season, here are a few toy blogs to bookmark for the 2023 holiday season, or any gift-giving celebrations over the next year. They also offer unique DIY toy ideas for parents and educators.

1. AwesomeToyBlog

If you’re interested in action figures, this blog is a must-read. Created by toy enthusiast Matt Guzy, the site provides thorough coverage of the annual New York Toy Fair and San Diego Comic-con with news, reviews, and more.

These recent toy releases caught my eye:

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2. Toy Insider

The Toy Insider site has become a go-to source for the latest toy news, reviews, and gift guides. Not only does it publish the standard holiday gift guide, but you’ll find a bonus one midway through the year in its list of the coolest toys of the summer.

Check out the site for the latest on action figures, puzzles, arts and crafts, outdoor toys, and more.

Get started with these recent posts:

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3. 100 Toys

100 Toys is all about helping parents find (or create) toys that aren’t only fun but are engaging and help children develop the skills they need. “There’s no end goal, just pressure-free fun and discovery,” the site explains.

The blog is full of unique ways to utilize everyday items as toys, like water bottles or elastic bands. Readers can also find helpful gift guides for different age groups.

Recommended reads:

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Toy Blogs We Love - screenshot of @onehundredtoys on Instagram

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4. The Toy Guy

Chris Byrne, a toy analyst, researcher, and consultant, created this “never-ending playdate” to highlight toys that provide kids with new experiences, allow them to explore the world (both reality and the imagination), and provide them with opportunities for self-expression.

In addition to finding the best toys currently on the market, the blog will also offer something for parents by giving shoutouts to some of their own favorite toys from childhood.

A few posts to check out:

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5. PlayopolisToys

PlayopolisToys was founded by Christina Wallerstein to provide distraction, developmental, coping, learning, and sensory toys for “the Diverse Needs of the Citizens of Play.” The company’s toys are focused on sensory awareness, gross and fine motor skills, and cognitive development.

Parents and teachers can find toys based on age group, type (blocks, music, art, tactile, etc.), need (Autism and visually impaired, for example), and skill (fine motor, visual, speech, etc.). The blog gives advice on choosing the right toys for a child’s needs, the benefits of toys for development, and more.

Check out these posts:

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