6 Mental Health Blogs to Visit for a Healthy New Year

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Is anyone else suffering from a post-holiday mental health slump? After the stress and busy schedules of the holiday season, many of us are likely feeling drained and low – or maybe it’s because we are missing our holiday decorations. But the beginning of the year is the perfect time to refocus on our mental health and wellbeing.

Outside of any work-related resolutions for the new year, perhaps it’d be a good idea to set some personal goals around improving your mental health in 2023.

These mental health blogs offer advice, research, and personal stories to help anyone navigate the ups and downs of mental health in the new year and beyond.


The blog from the National Alliance on Mental Illness is one that we’ve recognized before and it definitely warrants another mention here. The organization “envisions a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares.”

Readers can search for helpful content on several topics, which range from Agoraphobia to binge-eating, stress management, and insomnia. I’d also recommend exploring the rest of the NAMI site, which offers help for spotting warning signs of mental illness, tips for caregivers, a HelpLine, a video library, and more.

Read these recent posts:

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2. ADAA Blog

The Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit searching for treatments – and eventually cures – for anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD. It provides evidence-based educational resources, scientific research, and expertise from mental health professionals to improve the quality of life of those suffering from mental health disorders.

The blog regularly posts tips for spotting symptoms and coping with a variety of mental health issues. Content can also be sorted by demographic, like adolescents, BIPOC, veterans, and more.

Recommended reads:

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3. Mindful | Mental Health

Mindful promotes the use of mindfulness to help “people enjoy better health, foster more caring relationships, and cultivate a more compassionate society.” The company offers courses and corporate training, but its site is also full of useful information via its blog posts.

The mental health category offers a variety of posts and podcasts to help readers develop a mindful practice to help with anxiety, burnout, and more.

Check out these posts:

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4. The Mighty | Mental Health

The Mighty is a very active online health community that offers editor-curated posts from users “who have been there.” Mental health is just one of the many topics covered on the forum. “Just like physical health, mental health is something everybody can actively work on,” the site explains.

With more than 3 million users and 50,000 personal health stories, readers are likely to find a health journey that they’re able to identify with and gain advice from.

Check out these helpful posts:

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5. Blurt

Blurt brings together those who have been through depression and those currently going through it. The UK-based company, which operates as a Social Enterprise that drives profits back to the community it serves, aims to increase awareness and change the stigma surrounding depression that prevents people from seeking out help.

In addition to resources like helplines and online therapists, the site also has a regularly updated blog that offers advice for coping, treating, living with, and seeking help for depression and anxiety. Most posts include an audio version if you’d rather consume the posts on the go.

These posts were good reads:

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6. National Elf Service | Mental Health

If you’re in search of the facts and figures surrounding mental health, check out the National Elf Service’s website. The blog shares summaries of evidence-based mental health research and guidance that are written by an expert team of mental health academics and practitioners.

Readers can find information on a wide variety of mental health topics, including risk factors, advocacy, caregiving, psychotherapy, and much more.

The in-depth posts include sections for the research methods, results, conclusions, limitations, and implications for treatment.

Recent posts to check out:

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